How To Know Which ID Holder Is Best Suited For Your Needs

How To Know Which ID Holder Is Best Suited For Your Needs

An ID holder is a great way to secure your credentials, especially when working in an active area with dust or water. Simply slide your credentials into the badge holder and then attach the badge holder to your clothes—it’s that simple.

Many people need them for work: warehouse workers, healthcare staff, office employees, you name it. However, there are a few different options to choose any specific ID holders that will better suit your needs.

Read along to learn more about the differences and find the best one for you and your team.

Practical, Colorful, and Secure

Lanyards are ideal accessories to carry your identification document in a practical, safe, and visible way at all times. These lanyards are ideal for use in the office, hospitals, or any other job site that you need to identify yourself frequently. The utility of these lanyards is far-reaching; thus, they are in high demand and used in various sectors.

Whether your industry is labor, education, tourism, or industrial, ID lanyards are essential. You may also leverage the power of lanyards to create brand awareness and brand consistency by adding logos or slogans to them. Lanyards can also be customized by color, size, and material. Lastly, ID Lanyards increase security, allow credentials to be prominently displayed, and different color lanyards can separate visitors from employees. As you can tell, all areas of employment can benefit from the proper utilization of ID lanyards.





Attach it, Scan it

If an ID card needs to be swiped or scanned to authenticate the credentials, the Badge Reel is a perfect choice. Attaching your credentials to the badge reel makes frequently used scannable cards a breeze. When you need to open doors, easily pull the credentials from the reel, a cord will pull out from the reel giving you room to swipe or scan your credentials.

Badge reels are also a great middle-ground between having to swipe an ID card and having it be available for visual inspections. Anyone working in industrial factories or outdoor settings would benefit significantly from a heavy-duty badge reel. These are constructed with stronger cords made from nylon, wire, or chain links that attach to badges and feature reinforced straps. These high-quality reels are designed to withstand a more robust work environment. 



Knowing the needs of you and your employees will assist you in choosing the right ID holders for your organization. If you need assistance in selecting the right ID holder, we invite you to use our live chat function at the bottom of our Specialist ID website, where our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will help you choose a durable, accessible, practical, and high-quality ID holder.
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