ID Badge Holders for Displaying Multiple ID Cards

Have you ever found yourself wrestling with more than one ID badge and wishing there was a better way of displaying them? Trying to keep more than one card in a single holder can damage the cards or even let one or both fall out. Specialist ID Inc is proud to offer our unique ID badge holders for displaying multiple ID cards. Our badge holders eliminate the struggle of trying to keep more than one card safely displayed.Until now, keeping many ID cards displayed and safe was practically impossible. Our line of multiple ID card holders solves that age-old problem in style. We offer many different designs that are suitable for any profession.

Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, our badge holders are a perfect choice. No minimum order limit allows you to furnish all of your employees with the proper accessories no matter how many there are.
Identity theft is on the rise. Although it is not as prominent as credit card scanning, anyone can steal your personal information from your ID badge as well. We have taken this into consideration with our RFID blocking shield card holders.

These vinyl holders are capable of holding two ID badges, each in its own pocket. The clear vinyl allows the card to be displayed or scanned without removal. Opening like the pages in a book, the center of the holder is a shield, protecting your card from being scanned by the wrong people. These shielded holders are also available in a rigid style. Just pop your card our when you need to scan it.
Even the most physical professions require ID badges for security these days. We have heard the call and offer our line of rigid ID card holders. Made of sturdy plastic, these holders can handle any bump or bang that comes along. Displaying two ID cards at once, you need only to flip it over for the card you need. Add one of our heavy-duty lanyards or reels and you are prepared for your day.

The rigid ID card holders are designed to accommodate both horizontal and vertical style ID cards with attachment openings on each side. Specialist ID Inc puts our customers first with no minimum orders, low price guarantees, protected website, and a simple return policy. Dont wait another day to start using our premium multiple ID badge holders.

Contact us today. We have online chat to answer any questions you may have. We are here for you and all your ID card needs.
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