3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your ID Badge

3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your ID Badge

There are few things more inconvenient than losing your keys, ID, wallet, or other essential items. Whether you are in healthcare, education, government, or corporate work, your ID gets you where you need to go and ensures that you have access to rooms and resources. In short: you don’t want to lose your ID badge. Of course, when you carry around papers, files, a laptop, personal items, and your lunch, it’s easy for an ID badge to get lodged in the bottom of your bag, slip out of a pocket, or get lost in a pile of possessions. Printing a new ID badge is tedious and frustrating and your company may even make you pay for lost badges.

To make your life easier, invest in an ID badge holder. Whether you’d like to wear a lanyard, clip on a badge buddy, or label your ID cards with your specific credentials, specialties, or interests, Specialist ID can provide you with all of the ID badge resources you need. Keep your IDs organized (and out of the bottom of your work bag) so that they’re handy and readily available whenever you need them.

Want to get the most out of your ID badge and prevent losing it? Try these three products.


1. Keep your ID badge visible and accessible with a lanyard.

An ID badge lanyard is the most straightforward way to keep track of your essential badges and prevent losing them. Specialist ID has an abundance of lanyard types to choose from, all made from soft, comfortable materials that prevent irritation or scratching — so that you can wear your lanyard all day with ease. If you want your lanyard to stand out, try a neon lanyard or a polka-dot lanyard. We have heavy-duty lanyards and face-mask lanyards, even lanyards that are safe for MRI technicians

Keeping your lanyard around your neck and visible while at work or on the go reduces the risk of losing it and makes it available when you need it. Plus, with our wide selection of lanyard types, you can choose one to coordinate with your style, uniform, or department.



2. Use a badge buddy for easy identification.

Add a badge buddy to your lanyard or badge reel for easy identification at work. The badge buddies can identify specific roles — like visitors, technicians, nurses, doctors, and so on — or customize them for company-specific functions. For managers and administrators, these badge buddies are critical for the organization and can keep team members safe. Badge buddy holders make it easy to slide badges in and out, so they are more flexible and can be used by other team members if needed. 


3. Accessorize and optimize your badge with our pin badge buddies.

Make your badge buddy a little more personal or functional with our selection of badge buddy pins. Add some visual interest, show off your certifications, or promote your alma mater with our pin badge buddies. Pin your collection to your badge to show off your skills or identify your certifications. Adding a level of personalization prevents others from picking up your badge buddy by mistake — and it adds a little more fun to your ID badge holder.


Whatever your ID badge holder needs, Specialist ID offers plenty of personalized resources to help you get the most out of your ID badge. Browse Specialist ID for more.

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