ID Badges and Lanyards Popular With Doctors and Nurses

The hospital world is fast-paced and overall stressful. Everyone must be ready for anything, but, at the same time, not everyone is allowed to perform the same activities. A clear example of this is the giving of medicines to patients. Nurses, such as CNAs, cannot perform this delicate task. Sometimes, the patient does not understand this restriction and demands of the nurse something that he or she cannot do. This is one reason why ID badges are extremely important in this kind of work environment.

When it comes to doctors and nurses (CNAs, LPNs, RNs, etc.), at Specialist ID, we offer vertical and horizontal ID badges with a colorful buddy. These add-ons are designed for immediate role recognition. At the bottom, these badges include the role of the person in large font size and surrounded by a colored border background to specifically enhance this section.

Instant recognition is ideal for such a hectic environment as a hospital. If you color-code your different roles, such as RNs are going to be a red badge, or CANs black, Shift managers in orange, etc., you can instantly tell from afar their position. When in doubt, the large font size also means you don't have to get close to be able to read the position.

The buddies are printed on both sides so that if they flip, the role is still visible. Our badges are fully laminated and are the strongest and most resistant on the market.

Check out the economies of scale discounts the more you order the greater the discount, so stock all of your clinics!

A lanyard is a chord that goes around the neck and holds an identification badge. On most people, it hangs below the ribcage. Lanyards can come either as a continuous chord with no clasp or with a breakaway clasp that snaps open when caught on something. We have breakaway clasps in tubular or square shapes.

For hospitals, breakaway badges are ideal, providing the safety feature of snapping apart if it is snared. When it comes to hospitals, in particular, we highly recommend our breakaway lanyards as the best and safest option.

Some of our lanyards made of a round chord have an additional adjustable slider that can be moved up or down, to tighten closer to the neck to keep the lanyard from moving so much.

Our lanyards come with a clip or hook to hold the ID badge. These holders can be either metal or plastic. Even though they are both handy, for safety, we recommend the plastic version of the clip or hook.

If you have any questions at all about our badges and lanyards or discount pricing, you can speak to someone at 1-800-380-6726.

You can also use the chatbox function at the bottom or visit our website and fill out the contact information. We will receive your message and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible. Avoid some awkward moments and confusions by providing your staff with ID badges!

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