ID Cases for Sports and Outdoor Activities

    Is a waterproof ID case on your 2018 vacation checklist? If not, it should be. ID cases are great to keep your personal items such as cash, credit card, hotel keys, passport and other credentials safe and protected from the weather and any physical damage. Theyre also great to store a camera or first-aid supplies as well.

    Our cases for sports and outdoor activities are a must for all of your spring break and summer vacation needs. Whether youre an avid traveler, sports enthusiast or anyone who wants a cool looking pouch for on-the-go, we have a large selection of sports cases thats a perfect fit for just about everyone. Here are a few we ID cases we think you should take a look at.
    Catch Waves in a Classic Case for Girls, Boys, Men and Women

    Witzs Surf Safe Small Camo, part number 201, is fashionable and reliable for keeping your credit card, cash, passes, license, photo identification and more safe and away from scratches and water damage. Wear it around the neck with the nylon lanyard with breakaway loop, or clipped to your belt or backpack with the additional carabiner. The plastic durable shell makes it a worry-free accessory. Another great feature this case has is the camo print, which comes in various colors such as pink, blue and green, so boys and girls can enjoy it at the pool or beach

    Keep It Clear

    Another great option is the Keep-It-Clear case, part number 008. It stands alone as a unique transparent badge holder with clear hard-shell plastic, making it easy to find stored items without having to open it. Also, its wide enough for a small digital camera, so you can carry less and worry more about having fun in the sun. Its versatile style is perfect for children and adults, and ideal to wear at water parks, soccer practices, riding bike, or walking around the neighborhood. Choose between clear or translucent blue

    I See-It Safe

    The Witz waterproof Glitter Box I See-It Safe comes with a breakaway lanyard for safety and carabiner, so you can clip it to your belt or wear it around the neck. For extra security, theres a durable plastic clip thats easy to open and close. Send your kids to summer camp in style with this selection.
    Keep It Safe

    Perhaps you want a little less transparency. The Witz collection also has a keep it safe sports case to safely secure your personal items and keep them hidden in a black or blue shell. Never worry about losing your items because the thick black clip on the side opens and closes shut firmly. Great for hiking or scenic boat rides, youll be pleased with how compact and durable this case is.

    Specialist ID carries multiple sports cases that come in different colors and styles. Whatever your physical lifestyle, were sure youll find the perfect case for all of your summer and spring outdoor play. Whether you need a bright and bold colored case or a clear and simple one, we have exactly what youre looking for. For questions, comments or if you need help with purchasing a sports case, please write to us, or reach us at 1-800-380-6726.
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