3 ID Holders You Need This Month

3 ID Holders You Need This Month

Calling all businesses! Are you tired of boring, run-of-the-mill ID holders that just don't cut it in today's fast-paced and demanding workplace? Look no further than Specialist ID, your one-stop shop for all ID products. 

As an American family-owned company, we understand that running a business is no easy feat. The right ID holder can take your business to the next level by keeping your employees organized and efficient. From heavy-duty vinyl holders to innovative armband designs, we've got everything you need to make the upgrade. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Three-Card ID Holder

Are you tired of your employees losing their ID badges or struggling to keep themselves organized? Say hello to our three-card ID holder. This handy holder can carry up to three ID cards vertically, making it perfect for businesses with multiple access cards or for those who need to display multiple forms of identification.

The durable design ensures that your employees' badges stay safe and secure, while the clear plastic material allows for easy viewing without removing the card from the holder. Plus, the B-Holder has a handy slot for attaching a lanyard or badge reel, making it easy to display and access at all times. Say goodbye to the hassle of lost or damaged ID cards and hello to organization with this product.



2. Armband ID Holder

Do your employees need to keep their hands free but still need to display their ID badges? Try our armband ID holder! This innovative product allows your employees to conveniently display their ID badge on their arms, leaving their hands free for important tasks. The adjustable armband ensures a comfortable fit, while the durable plastic material keeps ID cards safe and secure. The transparent front of the holder allows for easy presentation without removing the card, and the back pocket is perfect for storing additional items like cash, keys, or business cards. Plus, the vibrant colors make identifying different teams or departments easy. Your employees are sure to stay organized and efficient with this armband ID holder!




3. Heavy-Duty Vinyl Badge Holder

If you’re tired of flimsy, low-quality badge holders that just can't stand up to the demands of your workplace, you need our heavy-duty vinyl badge holder. This tough and durable holder can handle whatever your employees throw at it, with a heavy-duty vinyl construction and resealable top that keeps ID cards safe and secure. The clear plastic material allows for easy visibility while keeping the card in the holder, and the vertical design makes it perfect for ID cards that need to be displayed in portrait orientation. Plus, the slot and chain holes make it easy to attach to a lanyard or badge reel for convenient access at all times. 

Upgrade your employee's ID card game with this badge holder; they’re sure to thank you for it!



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