ID Solutions for Hospitals on World Heart Day to Promote Heart Health Awareness

ID Solutions for Hospitals on World Heart Day to Promote Heart Health Awareness

Heart health is essential to the well-being of society. As American Heart Month approaches, you will want to highlight the significance of heart health by wearing your heart on your sleeve. How best to do this? A simple, straightforward, and decorative badge can be a professional and respectful way to spread heart health awareness. 

At SpecialistID, we recognize the importance of promoting causes that impact the lives and families of millions of people. American Heart Month presents a special opportunity to honor those enduring the challenges of heart issues, and to give medical professionals a badge to show how much they care. 

Heart-Shaped EKG Themed Badge Reel

This Heart-Shaped EKG Badge with a Swivel Spring clip is more than an accessory. It’s a symbol of the importance that our hearts and heart health have in our lives. In designing this badge, we thought we would pay homage to the unbelievable medical technology, the electrocardiogram. When you look at the badge, you will see the EKG symbol, which represents the amazing electrical activity of the heart. Patients and loved ones of those dealing with heart disease, or even those who have had a small scare, will automatically recognize the EKG symbol. Doctors and nurses, in particular, love the wink at the tech that makes their jobs much easier. 

The reel diameter is 1-¼”, designed to decorate the professional attire like a stud on the everyday badge. Sometimes, accessories can get in the way, making it difficult to see the name on the badge, but this badge is designed so that does not happen! Additionally, it is an easy-access clip. If medical professionals need to take off the badge to scan into a secure part of the medical facility, they can do so. The swivel spring clip allows for convenient attachment to belt loops, scrubs, backpacks, and other common examples. The badge reel is highly durable and has a rating of over 100,000 pulls, which makes it the perfect choice for healthcare professionals. 

Custom Heart-Shaped Badge Reel With Rotating Spring Clip

These lovely heart-shaped badge reels are highly customizable. Corporate logos, graphic design, or messages related to heart health awareness can all be added to this badge reel. With our special online design tool, plot out color choices, logos, design graphics, and more within the designated badge area. There are many choices to choose from that will help you best align with your organization’s mission and values. Badge reels are a great way to promote your brand in a tidy little heart! With this badge reel, medical professionals can convey their respect and devotion to treating heart diseases and preventing them for years to come. 

Custom Printed Badge Buddy Horizontal

Badge buddies are important for any healthcare institution. We offer custom-printed badges tailored to an institution's unique needs. In two simple steps, the badge can be customized for color and a couple of lines of text. Badge buddies are compatible with the standard credit card/ID size, making it another essential document for medical professionals. These badges are the traditional way to gain recognition and identify key organizational personnel. Suitable for doctors, nurses, administrators, and beyond, badges are customizable to meet your exact requirements. Badges can be fully laminated and pre-slot punched to avoid further work. 

This American Heart Month your personnel can be fully equipped with badge reels that promote heart health awareness. Staff will look the part and show they care about one of the leading health issues in the world. SpecialistID offers a range of heart-themed ID solutions, and with our options, you can choose the badge reel that best represents your organization. 

Show your organization’s commitment to patient health and well-being by opting for a badge specifically geared toward heart health. From a wink to an EKG to a simple heart badge, together we can display the commitment to healthier hearts for all. Wear your heart badge on your sleeve–or elsewhere!

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