Improve Hospital Security With ID Card Holders

Improve Hospital Security With ID Card Holders

Improve Hospital Security With ID Card Holders

Maintaining premises security has always been a priority for healthcare administrators, particularly during extremely critical times such as the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. The hectic pace of emergency and lifesaving procedures during the pandemic often created chaotic situations that called for increased security measures. In June 2020, for example, a man attempted to introduce explosives to Stony Brook University Hospital in New York; he entered the emergency room wearing a uniform similar to that of a paramedic or ambulance driver, but he was not carrying an identification badge, thus prompting security guards to spring to action.

Classifying Staff, Guests, and Partners with Medical Badges

The identification and classification of patients is a standard practice in all hospitals and inpatient healthcare facilities; we know that each individual receiving treatment must wear an ID wristband, and this is a measure that should be extended to everyone who enters the facility. Visitors, for example, are either issued a sticker or a temporary badge that they must return when they leave the premises. During a pandemic emergency, hospital administrators are generally able to restrict or eliminate visiting hours; however, they are faced with an increase of collaborators, journalists, police officers, public health officials, and high-profile guests. The best way to keep this influx under control is to implement a check-in system that features the issuance of visible identification badges.Medical Badge Holders

Segmenting Physical Spaces With Access Control Solutions

By virtue of being medical centers that serve communities, hospitals are expected to be open to the public to a certain extent. Emergency rooms, for example, should always stay open and ready to receive anyone who needs urgent care, but this does not apply to other sections of hospitals. Sections such as operating rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, maternity wards, supply rooms, and kitchens should be closed off to the public. There are various ways to accomplish segmentation effectively; one of them is with an access card reading system, which can be augmented with identification badges.

Security Systems Integration

When hospital security plans are drafted and executed, they should have a strong identity system that holds all other elements together. Consultants who perform security risk assessments will tell you that one of the best measures is to properly identify everyone who is supposed to enter the premises. We know that human resources departments will always screen staff members, but parts of this screening system should extend to visitors. Let’s say the next-of-kin of a nurse comes to visit her spouse at the hospital; when a temporary visitor badge is issued, there should be an entry record in case HR is not able to contact the next-of-kin listed on file.

Visitor Badges

Learn More About Healthcare ID Card Holders

At Specialist ID, we have been serving the identification, security, and organizational needs of individuals and business entities since 2001. We started off as a family-owned business that now includes Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. When you are ready to improve the security of your healthcare facility, please get in touch with our office to discuss your options. We offer more than just ID card stock and badges; our catalog also includes badge holders and many accessories.

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