Increase Hospital Work Productivity With Badge Buddies

Increase Hospital Work Productivity With Badge Buddies

Hospital environments have always been stressful, but during the pandemic, healthcare workers found themselves exhausted and overwhelmed in unknown territory. With staffing and bed shortages alongside increased work hours, healthcare workers were working at a capacity they had never encountered. According to Mental Health America, healthcare workers experienced a sharp decline in mental health: 93% of healthcare workers were experiencing stress, 86% reported experiencing anxiety, 77% reported frustration, 76% reported exhaustion and burnout, and 75% said they were overwhelmed.

Although the impact of Covid in hospitals has been slowing down, productivity is still a critical key in hospitals to assure maximum efficiency. A simple way to stimulate productivity is to clarify roles and responsibilities with badge buddies.

The world of healthcare encompasses many professions, and clarity on role recognition is essential for an efficient hospital. Badge buddies are worn beneath your ID badge, displaying your role transparently. Badge buddies increase hospital productivity by allowing patients and staff to recognize who is who. Hospital badge buddies enable quick identification and access for essential hospital personnel throughout the vicinity. 

Be in the know.

Doctors, nurses, students, etc., all have different roles and are allowed different amounts of access and information. Badge buddies easily identify who is allowed in certain places and who isn't. For example, registered nurses serve many roles when it comes to aiding their patients and need access accordingly. Registered nurses are registered for a reason—you wouldn't want an unqualified student or volunteer to perform the duties of an RN, and that's where a badge buddy comes in. Our RN Horizontal Badge Buddy makes it easy to recognize RNs from a distance for patients and staff, allowing quick prompt access to what they need and providing an extra boost of productivity.






Customize and color code it.

Color-coded badge buddies are a great way to stimulate productivity. Our Custom Badge Buddy can customize your staff's badge buddies to promote even more clarity amongst different roles. For example, RNs could wear blue badge buddies; doctors could wear green; LPNs could wear orange, and so on. Customizing your badge buddy also allows you to include unique titles that may not be readily available to find. 




 Keep track of your volunteers.

Although volunteers are kind enough to sacrifice time out of their day to help those in need, they may not have much experience in the healthcare field. Therefore it is crucial to ensure they are easily recognizable so they don't accidentally get tasked with something they are unqualified to do or get granted access to confidential information. Consider this volunteer horizontal badge buddy to manage your volunteer system better. The word "volunteer" in a bright yellow border makes it effortlessly recognizable without staff members needing to closely examine the badge, granting volunteers easy access without wasting time. 








Badge buddies help encourage productivity in a hectic environment like a hospital. They define roles and promote recognition for patients and staff. Badge buddies are super easy to use and come with pre-made slot punches. Align the slots of your badge buddy and credit card-sized photo ID, slip one strap through both holes, and then clip them together. Our badge buddies print on both sides, making your text visible, even if the ID flips around. To make sure your ID is always secure put it in a badge holder.  These fully laminated Teslin badge holders are the strongest in the industry yet can also be easily cleaned. For more information, visit the Specialist ID website to take advantage of all the options we have to offer.

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