5 Items Anyone Can Customize For National Handmade Day

5 Items Anyone Can Customize For National Handmade Day

Handmade items add a sense of creativity and whimsy to your office items—and for National Handmade Day, we want you to take it up a notch! Perhaps you aspire to coordinate a new look for your facility's products; if so, you came to the right place.

This list below is curated to spark new ideas that you can adapt and make your own. We hope you become inspired, and we can’t wait to see your spin on our products. Tag us on any of our social media platforms to let us show off your creations!

Show Your School Spirit

Lanyards that are customized with unique patterns, messages, or covered in a different material to stand out enhance the look of facilities, schools, and businesses. Industries like healthcare, corporate offices, events/concert staff (like festivals), and many more benefit from customized lanyards. As much as the professional world needs lanyards, so do local schools. Customization for schools may include the school’s colors, feature school name, school mascots, or school mottos. Once you have your lanyards made to your liking, enjoy seeing your students or employees showcase them.






Stand Out

Badge buddies are a straightforward way of displaying a company's logo, including other eye-catching graphics, which will help differentiate them from the crowd. These badge holders are durable and can withstand wear and tear from everyday use, but double laminating to make for sturdier wear can be a good idea. Intense labor positions like those in construction are highly susceptible to welcoming this detail positively. This product is in high demand in many workplaces and ensures that this product goes above expectations will increase production.





Promote Your Organization

With many customizing services out there, it’s easy to customize badge holders and help promote organizations. Many details go into this process, like adding fun retractable badge reel shapes with carabiners to the badge holders. This product is also great when armbands are included for those who prefer these over lanyards. Armband holders are great for active industries like construction, security jobs; anyone with active jobs will appreciate this product. Creating a rugged look to this item can stand out or blend in with the feel of this workforce.






Show Off Your Creativity

One of the most seen and heavily popularized items is the badge reel. They are used for various work positions, offices, warehouses, hospitals, etc. Acknowledging there are different shapes, colors, and designs to go along with the look of each company is important. Imagination is highly encouraged in many places, designing personable graphics that go hand in hand with job positions like teachers and different types of doctors. Being bold at work has never been easier than with the simple yet loud badge reels. 







Bring Awareness

The stethoscope ID tags can be decorated in different ways that don’t need to be too flashy since a stethoscope serves an essential purpose in the medical world. Incorporating certain national days of the year on the ID tags, such as National Nurses Day, can highlight the importance of medical professions. Adding engraved details will add a more sophisticated look and a more professional aesthetic with a lighter approach to customizing these ID tags.







Customizing products is always a great idea, and inventing fresh looks unique to each individual is vital in encouraging individualism at work. At Specialist ID, we provide the basics for you to make each product truly yours. Take a look at our wide range of everyday work products that your business or facility can benefit from.

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