Law Enforcement Badges Holders: 3 Types That Are Made to Last

Law EnforcementBadges Holders: 3 Types That Are Made to LastLaw Enforcement Badges Holders: 3 Types That Are Made to Last

Whether youre looking for a police badge holder to provideto all the members on your team or for an individual purchase, you want tochoose a police badge holder that is made to last. Fortunately, there is agreat selection of durable, high-quality police badge holders that are maderight here in the U.S.A from Specialist ID. These different police badgeholders can get the job done in supporting all that you do for local andstatewide communities.

The 3 Major Types ofPolice Badge Holders That Are Remarkably Durable

BostonLeather Police Shielded Badge Holder with Neck Chain

This shielded leather badge holder with a neck chain isideal for law enforcement individuals who carry a metal badge requiring pinholes.The attached steel neck chain allows a metal badge to be carried and wornaround the neck. It features an appealing oval shaped design customized forbadge dimensions and the West Coast badge style.

For those that prefer a slimmer badge holder, the BostonLeather Badge Holder with Neck Chain is a better variation over the previouslymentioned design. Its also an extremely economical choice for large orders forlaw enforcement agencies. It also can carry a west coast badge style thatrequires pin-in holes. This Boston leather badge holders boasts a slim 21/2" width and 3 3/8" height.

BostonLeather ID Badge And Metal Shield Holder with Neck Chain

This high-quality leather badge holder is perfect for policeofficers who like to carry around an important form of ID with them at all times,in addition to their badge. It works well for metal badges that require pin-inholes. A metal badge can be placed in one side of the holder, while the otherside can display a photo ID being clearly featured through a transparent vinylpocket that has been carefully sewn in.

BostonLeather Oval Swivel Clip on Badge Holder

The Boston leather oval swivel clip on badge holder isperfect for law enforcement teams who are seeking to display their badge moreprominently on their clothing. This appealing, oval-designed badge can beattached to a belt with a steel spring clip and features a durable hook andloop closure. Its full swivel motion allows for easy badge placement inwhatever areas in which the department or individual prefers.

Order High-Quality,Long-Lasting Police Badge Holders Made Right Here in the U.S.A

With no minimum order quantity and well-made designs, theadvantage in choosing Specialist ID is clear for purchasing police badgeholders. Specialist ID is a family-owned and operated business that has beenservicing our government agencies on the state, local, and federal level formore than 16 years. We can deliver what you need when it comes to long lastingpolice badge holders at a cost-effective price combined with fast, affordableshipping.

We take pride in the goods and services we provide to someof the most important members of our communities. If you have any questionsabout our police badge holders or any of our other wonderful products, feelfree to reach out to us today by calling 1-800-380-6726 or filling out our online contact form.

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