3 Products to Support Medical Staff During Lupus Awareness Month

3 Products to Support Medical Staff During Lupus Awareness Month

May is Lupus Awareness Month, and spreading the word is more important than ever. Lupus is one of the most challenging autoimmune disorders to diagnose because of how little we know about it. 

Here at Specialist ID, we're gearing up to help you make a difference during Lupus Awareness Month. That's why we've put together a collection of topical and useful products that are perfect for your staff to wear during this month and beyond.

From badge reels to lanyards and even badge buddies, we've got everything you need to help your staff spread awareness and start conversations about this important cause. Here are some of our favorites.




1. Purple Badge Reel

Are you looking for a colorful and practical way to raise awareness this month? Look no further than our purple badge reel! Purple is the Lupus Awareness color, and this sleek and stylish badge reel is the perfect way for your staff to show their support and spread awareness this May. The translucent design adds a touch of elegance, while the swivel clip ensures ease of use. 



Wearing this badge reel is a fantastic way to make a statement and start conversations about lupus, all while keeping identification handy. With Lupus Awareness Month just around the corner, grab some of these badge reels for your staff.




2. Purple Breakaway Lanyard

Our purple breakaway lanyard is not only functional but also stylish, with a sleek and professional design. The metal swivel hook ensures your ID badge stays securely in place, while the breakaway feature ensures safety in case of an emergency. Available in purple, your staff can help raise awareness and spark conversations about this important cause. This high-quality breakaway lanyard is perfect for everyday use and is a great way to show support for those with lupus Order now, and let's make a difference together!







3. Purple Custom Badge Buddy

Does your staff already have enough lanyards and badge reels? Try our purple custom badge buddy to upgrade their credentials instead! With this badge buddy, your staff can show their support for lupus awareness while remaining identifiable to patients and families. This high-quality badge buddy is customizable, making it the perfect option for more specialized roles and adding a professional touch to your staff's uniforms. The bright purple background is a great conversation starter, allowing your team to spread awareness and promote education about this important cause. Now is the perfect time to order these badge buddies and show your support. 





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