Magnetic Badge Holders are the Perfect Event Staple

Magnetic Badge Holders are a great asset to companies that require their employees to wear badges. All too often, badges get misplaced, cracked or broken. Now there is a better solution to your badge problem with magnetic badge holders from Specialist ID. In what ways can these magnetic badge holders solve your short-term and long-term problems with badge loss and damage?
If your employees come to work complaining that they have lost their badges, you'll want to check out the Magnetic Badge Finding with two magnets. The two magnets are helpful in keeping the badges connected to your employee's apparel throughout the busiest days. These badges are complete with a plastic housing, with one zinc-plated steel plate. The plastic housing helps to keep the badge clean and clear from pen markings and scratches. The purpose of the badge is to identify your employee's name and possibly their role in the business. You want to make sure your customers can clearly see whom they are working with.
The second best option for magnetic badge holders is the Premium Magnetic Pocket Two Card Holder. Government employees often use cards rather than badges that contain their name and title.

These badge holders are the standard credit card size, and they are ideal for showcasing one card in the front of the badge and one in the back. This badge can be worn on your shirt or on your belt. This simplifies things for those who want more options.

The magnets are safely shielded to ensure that they are not exposed to anything that could de-magnetize them while walking through a security checkpoint. Additionally, this badge holder has a thumb notch to aid in easy access of your cards when you need to show your ID. Last but not least, you can also prevent badge loss and damage when you order the Horizontal Magnetic Badge Holder. This is ideal for those who have horizontal cards or badges, and the front is clear vinyl. Those who opt for this badge holder should note it can be worn over the pocket, and magnets are placed in back to keep it in place. This badge holder has the same strong magnets, but the front of the badge makes it easy for others to see who you are and how you can help them. This credit card sized ID badge could be utilized in various fields, including medical, dental, and for banking as well. You can easily insert your ID card from the top, just inside the thin vinyl covering. This badge holder also comes with a shielded magnet, ensuring that your cards or badges do not become de-magnetized.

There are many more magnetic badge holders available. You can use the online chat feature to ask questions, or send us a question through the "Contact Us" form. You can also call Specialist ID directly at 1-800-380-6726 today!

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