Metal Badge Clips for Heavy Duty Badge Holders

Some industries are a little tougher and active than others. Your team may need metal badge clips if they're often outside or on the go.

Heavy-duty metal badge holders are ideal for:

  • Law enforcement (SWAT, local and state police, FBI)
  • Construction workers
  • EMTs
  • HAZMAT teams
  • Outdoor guides
And more


Industrial workers are often in environments that involve many different factors that make retractable badge IDs necessary. These include:

  • Areas that must be secured
  • Full body-covering equipment that must be worn
  • Rules and regulations of both companies and facilities

and more.

These badge reels need to be durable because most of these environments involve:

  • Flying debris
  • Spraying liquids
  • Heavy, moving machinery

..and more.

This badge reel has a steel cable in a casing made out of durable chrome. The clip is super easy to hook up to the bag, belt, collar, or other simple location. It's stronger than the typical nylon chords that you find in other reels.

This is a heavy-duty key reel that comes in an industrial strength polycarbonate case that will last ages for your team, no matter how hard-core their work-day may be. This reel is strong enough to serve you in almost any conditions, with a retraction force rated from 13-15 oz, this reel can easily manage 22 keys. This makes great for security teams or jobs like janitorial work that require access to a wide number of locations within a facility.

It attaches to clothing or equipment via a belt clip on the back and has a belt loop attachment that is even more secure. Simply install the locking pin, which is spring-loaded. The strength of this reel makes it extra efficient for people who need to work quickly with keys, small tools, access cards, IDs, and other similar items.

A keyring is a convenient attachment for key chains and a wide variety of simple gear items like carabineers. It's just as sleek as a regular badge reel, but its retraction force is much stronger. This durability is important for people in heavy-duty industries. Its a common selection of security and military uses. For example, you'll see this badge reel in use by customs officials on the U.S. Canada border, and more. This is a dynamic, easy to use a reel that is ideal for medics, handymen, or even simpler rolls like tending bar or working as a bouncer.

Specialist ID has outfitted teams and companies of all kinds with heavy-duty badge and equipment reels that are ideal for working in harsh environments or for long-term use. Police officers, security teams, SWAT and FBI units, not to mention industrial workers and janitors, have all found these strong badge reels to be a reliable option. Contact us online or call us 1-800-380-6726 at to learn more.

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