6 Must-Have Products For Your Office Holiday Party

As the world celebrates all of the final holidays of the year, make sure you don’t forget to celebrate your coworkers and employees at your office Holiday party! But before you start celebrating, Specialist ID has all of the products you will need to ensure your party runs smoothly and safely this holiday season.

1- Disposable Face Masks

The last thing you or anyone else you work with wants is to get sick right before the holidays. For added convenience and protection during your celebration, provide your entire party with disposable face masks. These masks are comfortable and disposable, meaning your party-goers can rest assured that none of their nice masks will get ruined by any holiday treats. 


2- Face Mask Lanyard With Comfort Neck Straps 

Now that everyone has their own disposable face mask at your holiday party, provide your coworkers with these colorful face mask lanyards to guarantee that no one loses track of their mask. Coming in a large variety of colors, these face mask lanyards are the perfect addition to any celebration. In addition, these mask lanyards work on any disposable or fabric masks, so beyond your party, your coworkers can continue to wear these straps around the office in the future. 


3- Assorted Non-Breakaway Lanyards TUB-O-LANYARDS

Provide your entire party with their own, colored lanyards—perfect for any holiday games or activities you may have at your office party. These lanyards come in a variety of assorted colors in a large tub, allowing you to let everyone choose their favorite color. They are also non-breakaway lanyards, meaning that you don’t have to worry about anyone losing their tag in the party movement. 




4- COVID-19 VACCINATED Horizontal Badge Buddy 

Give your coworkers something to clip onto their lanyards with these products. The first, a badge buddy that lets everyone know you have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. In a continuation of the safety measures implemented at your holiday office party, complete your armor against holiday illness with this badge buddy


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5- They/Them/Theirs Horizontal Pronouns Badge Buddy 

This next badge buddy product is a perfect addition to clip onto your office’s new lanyards. This badge buddy informs all employees of your preferred pronouns so that everyone feels comfortable and respected as you celebrate the holidays. Coming in they/them/theirs as well as he/him/his, and she/her/hers, these badge buddies will help anyone express themselves. 


6- Custom Badge Buddy

With the previous two badge buddies informing and expressing facts about your employees, this last badge buddy will help you play any game and complete any holiday activity. With customizable text and an assortment of colors, this badge buddy can connote any holiday or say any expression you would like in addition to becoming a party label or activity name. 



Celebrations are fast approaching. This holiday season, make sure your office party is safe and fully stocked for any celebration with the help of Specialist ID. 

Check out more products fit for this holiday season at the Specialist ID website. 

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