3 Gifts to Give Your Writer Friends on National Author’s Day

3 Gifts to Give Your Writer Friends on National Author’s Day

Every November is National Novel Writing Month, and we kick off the month with National Author’s Day. Gift-giving is great, but deciding on the perfect present can be challenging for unusual celebrations. (And we all know how many empty notebooks writers always have.) 

So, with National Author’s Day and National Novel Writing Month upon us, here are some of our top gift ideas for that special writer in your life:


1. Retractable Badge Reel Pen Holder

Writers constantly need a pen at the ready; you never know when inspiration will strike! It is crucial for them to always have a convenient way to store their writing utensils; the best way is to transport it hands-free. A badge reel is a sleek solution to their needs, allowing them to attach it seamlessly to their clothing to always keep a pen or pencil handy.

Try gifting this pen holder! It features a secure rubber cap to lock a writing implement in place connected to a carabiner badge reel that effortlessly attaches to clothing. Additionally, it includes a retractable cord, so there is no need to keep detaching it to use it. Just grab a pen and write away!






2. Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain

Sometimes writers need a little more help than just a pen and paper. They might find themselves needing help managing all their materials, especially if their job requires them to be on assignment or repeatedly move locations. Incorporating a means of transporting all their items safely and efficiently is essential, and a keychain is a fantastic way to do so.

Check out this retractable keychain for your writer friends and family! Built to last, it’s constructed of industrial-strength polycarbonate casing and a 48-inch retractable cord made of Kevlar. This keychain can easily hook onto clothing or a bag through its versatile back attachment. It is a product you can rely on to maximize your tools' convenience and safety.









3. Waterproof ID Badge Holder

Some pieces require more hands-on action, so a writer may face inclement weather conditions or dangerous environments while on the job. This calls for the assistance of a more advanced product to ensure the security of their necessary materials. Giving them a badge holder is a surefire way to protect their equipment and keep their mind on the job. 

Look into this Waterproof Badge Holder for that added protection! Its casing protects it from any harsh elements and is large enough to hold multiple pens or even a small notebook or mini tape recorder! It attaches to a breakaway lanyard in an emergency and is available in six distinct colors. What’s better than safety and style combined?


This National Author’s Day, be sure to honor the writer in your life the right way: by gifting these products! Check out our lanyards, badge reels, and badge buddies for more gift ideas.

Have a happy National Author’s Day and National Novel Writing Month from all of us here at Specialist ID!
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