Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week In Style

Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week In Style

One of the greatest joys in life is having a dog as a pet. Their wagging tails and slobbery kisses remind us why they are such important furry friends and family members. They give us love, laughs, and a whole lot of comfort. 

If you own a dog, you know the joys of taking them on walks. Animal lovers know the first week of October as National Walk Your Dog Week, a holiday celebrating this everyday ritual our pups love to participate in. Whether in a dog park or on a neighborhood stroll, it is essential to stay safe and prepared at all times. Here are three products to help you celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week in style. 

1. Reflective Armband Holder 

When walking your dog at night, it is crucial to keep yourself and your pet visible. This means wearing reflective clothing that is easy for fellow neighbors, drivers, and bicyclists to see. At SpecialistID, we recommend our Reflective Armband Holder for all your night walk needs. 

This armband holder is available in reflective yellow, orange, and red hues and can keep you visible at nighttime or in bad weather. Plus, it can store IDs and credit cards in a safe, weather-proof pocket. This hands-free badge holder allows you to focus on your pup without the possibility of your most important belongings getting snagged or tangled. Plus, it is comfortable to wear and adjusts to all arm sizes. 


2. Water Resistant Card Holder 

While we love taking our dogs outside, it can feel dreadful during a rainstorm. Bringing personal belongings and wallets on our walks becomes a hassle without a waterproof case protecting them. This is what our Water Resistant Card Holder is for. This ID solution is made of light-duty plastic that can fit up to seven standard ID cards at a time. It can also carry smaller items in its water-resistant shell. Try storing doggy bags and treats inside to make your dog's walk more rewarding! 

The water-resistant card holder has a black adjustable lanyard that easily hangs on individuals’ necks. We recommend this product for more relaxed walks with your pup. If you enjoy a nice jog or a more active trip to the dog park, we offer a variety of heavy-duty ID holders as well.



3. Keychain Holder

Keychain holders are a great way to carry your dog-walking essentials on your belt or waistband. Made from industrial-strength nickel-plated steel, our keychain holders can securely hold your keys, clickers, and doggy bag dispensers. You can even attach a spare collar or leash in case yours breaks. Keep in mind that our Belt Clip Keychain Holder comes with the keyring, which can be easily swapped out for one of your choice or attached to a lanyard. Most of our products are easily detachable and customizable, giving you the freedom to use them however you wish.






Make every walk with your dog memorable and stress-free. Visit Specialist ID to find more products from badge reels to badge buddies!
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