Neon Lanyards and Badge Reels by Demand

We added another dimension of coolness to our lanyard collections. Can you see the difference? That's right, NEON. The trendy florescent craze from back in the 80s is back in demand and considered to be the new trend for summer. Don't just take my word for it, check out this article on how to wear neon in a stylish way. So go ahead and shine

Brighten up your wardrobe and mood with our variety of neon colored lanyards (or matching neon badge reels). These flat ribbed, 5/8″ wide safety breakaway lanyards are made of a soft polyester material, super comfortable to the touch. The swivel hook attached allows you to carry your slot punch photo ID cards, badges, tickets, keys or other small accessories. Stand out in the crowd and be Unique wearing any of these fresh colors

The lanyard length in total circumference is 36″. We also have matching neon badge reels with belt clip for the fun professional who appreciates some color and style in the workplace. Smooth pulling with 36″ retractable reach for your slot punched photo IDs and security cards to swipe through your terminals. Have your multiple keys handy and accessible as well.

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