New Designer Retractable Reels and Badge Holders

Our new designer badge reels (609-I-Zebra & 609-I-Floral) and matching designer badge holders (806-T2V-Zebra and 806-T2V-Floral) are in stock with no minimum order. Both the retractable reel and matching card holders in Zebra and Floral designs are available. The reel and holder are come separately but go together great as a pair.

Both the Zebra Reel and the Floral Reel feature a 34″ retractable nylon cord which make swiping or accessing your card easy. It also has a no-twist feature which will keep your ID facing forward. Having a backwards ID is a pet peeve of mine and the no twist keeps me from obsessing over which direction my ID is facing all day. The back of the real has a swivel spring clop which can clip to your belt, scrubs, clothing, bag straps and other places as well.

The rigid card holder also has the floral and zebra print on the back of it. Your card slides in the front and is held securely into place. The rigid holder is designed to hold one standard credit card sized badge. The open face design keeps your ID completely un-obstructed and readable at all times, while also offering protection to the card. The slot hole and chain holes at the top of the holder allow it to be used with almost any lanyard or badge reel, as well as neck chains.

What do you think about our designer series badge accessories? Wed love to hear from you.

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