5 Products to Help You Meet Your New Year’s Goals

5 Products to Help You Meet Your New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year! It is officially time to begin your journey toward accomplishing your resolutions for 2023. Whether you are hoping to incorporate more movement into your everyday routine, get more organized, learn a new language, or master the art of culinary stardom, no idea is too wild with the right attitude and the proper tools at your disposal. 

No matter your goal, starting is the hardest physical and mental hurdle. But with a little help from our team here at Specialist ID, you can jump in headfirst without worry. Here are some of our favorite products that will help you check your resolutions off in no time:

Embrace Authenticity: Carabiner Badge Reel with Card Clip

If you’re hoping to push yourself to be more authentic this new year and to embrace the things that make you happy instead of hopping onto the latest trends, then you need our Carabiner Badge Reel with Card Clip. This product provides a lot of room for customization, and it is one of our most popular products for Etsy creators. Let your imagination take the wheel and transform this badge reel into something truly special to you. 








Learn a New Language: Waterproof ID Badge Holder

Learning a language is no easy task, so focusing and dedicating yourself to studying is essential. But, if you are someone who juggles multiple responsibilities every day, it can be challenging to carve out the time necessary to work towards your goals. If this sounds like you, you need our Waterproof ID Badge Holder. This badge holder will help you transport your flashcards wherever you go to help you get a bit of studying in, even when you’re in a time crunch. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro!



Step Up Your Finances: EK Lanyard with ID Badge Holder

The new year is a fantastic time to look at your financial habits and reflect on where you could improve your money management. Our EK Lanyard with ID Badge Holder can help with that! For instance, maybe you’re someone who has trouble saving cash: you can use this product to store any extra tangible money you receive to discourage you from spending. Out of sight, out of mind. Alternatively, you could use the lanyard to carry a daily allowance of cash to make sure you stick to your budget! 




Hit the Gym: Vertical Armband ID Badge Holder

Many people use the new year to develop new approaches to their movement habits and aim to increase their day-to-day exercise. Our Vertical Armband ID Badge Holder was made with you all in mind! You might struggle to hit the gym because your schedule is so jam-packed, and you don’t have time to stop home and grab your belongings before getting in a workout. With this product, you can go straight from work mode to fitness mode while ensuring your products stay safe and secure. So whether it is a work or gym ID, just insert your credentials, strap this on your arm, and get moving!




Get Organized: Top Loading Badge Holder with Lanyard

Organization is one of the most challenging but rewarding habits to master. If you’re hoping to take the bull by the horns this new year, you might need a little help from our Badge Holder with Lanyard. This product is great for storing any standard-sized identification or small-profile essentials because it secures them inside and protects them from being damaged or misplaced. Because it is attached to a lanyard, you can easily transport your credentials both hands-free and conveniently. Using this product will immediately transform your organizational habits!





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