Ordering Custom Lanyards Online: A Specialist ID Review

Specialist ID, a wholesale badge holder and accessory distributor, stocks a variety of lanyards. If you're looking for a breakaway,or if you prefer a non-breakaway, we have it. We have lanyards with swivel hooks or detachable clamps. Some are heavy-duty, others are standard and serves its purpose well. We even have breakaway lanyards with a retractable badge reel combo!

If you're looking for reflective lanyards, we also have that in stock too. We even have a lanyard with two detachable soft-end loops!

Are you looking for an adjustable breakaway lanyard? How about a lanyard that comes with a card holder? Do you prefer a flat woven lanyard or a round, rope-like cord?

Did you even know that this many options were available to you? We just named a few!

Believe it or not, even with all of these wonderful lanyard options we have in stock, some purchasers still may not find what they're looking for. This is why Specialist ID has presented a way for purchasers to create the kind of lanyard they want if they're not able to find it in our inventory.

We offer you the convenience of creating your own custom lanyard on our website. In 4 simple steps, you'll design a unique,one-of-a-kind lanyard with quality materials.

1- Start with the basics.

First determine how many you want. A lot of that is going to have to do with your budget. Custom lanyards are going to cost a little more.The base price starts off at $2.03 per unit, but be careful, the more unique you want your lanyard, the higher the unit price will be.

In addition to the quantity, you'll need to choose your imprint options:

  • 1 color silk screen
  • 1-3 colors silk screen
  • Full-color-dye-sub
  • 1 color woven

After you chosen your imprint options, then you can select a lanyard color using our drop-down menu. Well let you know what colors are available.

2- Select your lanyard material.

Here, you'll choose the width of your lanyard as well as your material. The type of material you choose may limit the preferred width.Our easy-to-use template will let you know which kind of material is available for certain sizes.

3- Choose your bells & whistles.

Here, you'll be able to choose if you want your custom lanyards to have a safety breakaway. You'll also be able to choose the color ifit applies. Next, you'll be able to select your end fitting. Specialist ID has 27 different options that are displayed on our website.

4- Brand it!

Finally, the real artwork is implemented. Manually type in your text with the font of your choice. You'll also be able to select the color of your text along with the size and the spacing. If you have specialized graphics on hand, you can also upload a high-resolution logo on our website.

Design your custom lanyard online today. Call a Specialist ID representative toll free at our Miami location if you need assistance at 800-380-6726. You can even contact us online.

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