Passport Awareness Month

September is passport awareness month, themed "picture perfect passport". Quality passport pictures are of great importance to avoid delays in the application process so be sure to have current, high-resolution photos taken with adequate lighting to reflect your true self.

*A new photo regulation taking effect November 1st, 2016 requires that you are no longer allowed to wear eyeglasses in your passport photos.

In addition to photo guidelines, safety measures to protect your identity and prevent loss or damage to your passport should also be considered. Sadly, we live in a world of good and evil. It is better to be safe than sorry when your identity is on the line.

    • Having extra copies of your passport in different places is a good idea to replace if necessary.
    • Keeping your passport securely hidden and worn discreetly underneath your clothing with a neck wallet. It's lightweight, not bulky, lanyard adjustable and has pocket compartments to hold your passport and other valuables such as cash, credit cards, and hotel keys.
    • Protection from identity theft with an RFID blocking protective sleeve or cover. The Identity Stronghold Secure Sleeve for Passports or the SkimSAFE passport protection sleeve, both are durable, water and tear-resistant and lightweight to fit inside a wallet, pocket, purse or bag. Our more stylish, leather passport cover by Stronghold will also protect with RFID blocking capability.
    • Keeping your passport safe during wear and travel and weatherproof can also be done with a Witz Locker Passport Waterproof ID Badge Holder. The crush-resistant plastic protects the passport and other important documents from damage.

Safe travels from SPID!

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