Do You Think Pink? Here Are 5 Products That Are So Fetch

Do You Think Pink? Here Are 5 Products That Are So Fetch

How you dress defines who you are, whether that’s a band geek or a varsity jock; for some, the only way to think is pink—and here at Specialist ID, we definitely agree. But this lifestyle is not for the faint of heart: you’ll have to be sure to stock up on the best pink accessories for all occasions to join this crew. (Or, you know, you can’t sit with us.) 

Need help finding the right products? We’re here to help. Take a look at our super fetch favorites so you can sit with us this Wednesday:

1. Neon Pink Lanyard

We think this Neon Pink Lanyard is totally grool. With its 36-inch cord and swivel hook attachment, it is perfect for securing your ID badge or similar credentials and keeping them at the ready. This lanyard can also be worn for a long time due to its soft polyester makeup. For added safety, it features a breakaway clasp that releases the lanyard if it is pulled or snagged. You can’t go without it!



2. Pink Badge Buddy

Are you a nurse looking to channel your love for pink in the workplace? Try this Pink Badge Buddy! You can add it to your existing identification to elevate your appearance and to provide immediate role recognition to patients and fellow staff members. It is bright pink and clearly indicates your position as an RN, making everyone’s lives easier. It is a fantastic product, and don’t worry, we won’t ask for our pink badge buddy back. 



3. Pink Stethoscope Tag

Another excellent product for healthcare staff is this Pink Stethoscope Tag! These tags come with three size compatibilities and are guaranteed to fit most stethoscope widths ranging from standard to cardiology. They are sure to stay in place because of their lock closure and are composed of an antimicrobial surface, so you won’t get sick after exposure to germs or high-risk environments. With this product, we know you’ll agree that you look really pretty.



4. RFID Blocking Badge Holder

This RFID Blocking Badge Holder is an awesome product for everyone. It securely holds two standard credit cards or ID passes to provide safety when shopping contactless. This badge holder blocks RFID chips from being read without permission and shields your valuable information. Its electromagnetic opaque sleeve and ergonomic design allow you to present your card for payment without removing it from its protective casing. Who doesn’t love being safe and stylish?



5. Carabiner No-Twist Badge Reel

This Carabiner No-Twist Badge Reel is any pink lover's dream. It features a 34-inch retractable nylon cord rated to withstand 100,000 pulls, so you know this product is made to last. You can guarantee your credentials will stay safe with the attached belt clip and clear vinyl strap for securing your ID badges. Also, we have improved this product to feature our new no-twist design, which keeps your identification facing forward.


 Want more pinkspiration? Check out Specialist ID for a heap of other products as well as our other pink products.

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