Plastic ID Card Cases for Maximum Durability

To keep your personal documents safe and secure, you need plastic ID card cases that are built for maximum durability. Plastic ID card cases are ideal for passports, IDs, keys, cell phones, and much more depending on which size card case you choose. At Specialist ID, we carry a wide array of top quality ID card cases. Here are a few of our most popular products:

  1. The Witz Passport Locker Waterproof ID Badge Holder
  2. For individuals always on the go while traveling, the Witz Passport Locker Waterproof ID Badge Holder is the perfect choice for you. With spacious 3.78 x 5.57 x .87 dimensions, you can keep your passports, driver license, credit cards, hotel keys, and cash all safe from water damage in one place. The crush-resistant construction will hold up well to physical forces imposed upon its exterior. Carry the passport locker plastic card case with you wherever you go with a nylon lanyard featuring a breakaway clip and carabiner. Hang the holder around your neck, clip it to your backpack, or clip it you your belt loop to keep it conveniently within reach while traveling.

  3. The Witz Waterproof Keep It Clear Sports Cases
  4. Incorporating many of the smart designs in the passport locker, the Witz Waterproof Keep It Clear Sports Cases is a smaller plastic ID card case that works very well for trips to the water parks, pools, or the beach. With a lightweight construction, this case can be comfortably carried around your neck or attached to belts and bags. Features of the Waterproof Keep It Clear Sports Case include:

  • Secure waterproof design
  • Crush-resistant shell
  • Nylon lanyard with breakaway clip to allow the lanyard to snap apart and reattach easily
  • A carabiner for ease of attachment to other personal items
  • Patented angle design
  • Translucent blue and clear color options

  • The Witz ID Locker Clear Waterproof Badge Holder
  • If you are looking for some additional storage capacity, then look no further than the Witz ID Locker Clear Waterproof Badge Holder. This case is 4.25 wide, 3.25 high, and .75 thick. Crush-resistant and waterproof, this rugged, durable ID card case will keep your personal IDs, credit cards, keys, and money safe from external damage. You can store up to 13 standard credit card-sized IDs in this card case. Display IDs horizontally and discover the benefits of Witz's patented angle design which absorbs and distributes any external impact to minimize the chances of damage ever occurring to items being kept within the container. As with the other Witz products, the ID Locker Badge Holder features a nylon lanyard with breakaway clip.

    No matter what your individual needs are for a plastic ID card case, you can find the ideal solution at Specialist ID. We carry an incredible product selection for all things related to ID accessories. Whether youre looking to order a single product or place a bulk order, you can benefit from our competitive, wholesale prices each and every day. We offer fast, affordable shipping options globally and free domestic shipping for orders above $50. If you have any questions at all about our plastic ID card cases, feel free to call us at 1-800-380-6726 or fill out our online contact form.

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