Premium Waterproof Sportscases for Outdoor Activites you are out and about enjoying the best that life has to offer, why should you have to worry about your important carry along documents getting lost, stolen, or damaged? No matter if you are heading out to a theme park where you will be enjoying water rides and other thrill rides, heading to the beach for a day of fun and sun in the surf and sand, heading out to the lake for a party or a relaxing day of fishing, or hitting the coast for a day of fun and exciting surfing, you need to make sure that your carry along documents and other valuables are protected from not only loss but also water damage. The good news is that it has never been easier to do so thanks to the wide variety of stylish and affordable waterproof sportscases that are available from Specialist ID. 

Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder 

This case is perfect for those who like to have a splash of color in their life. The See It Safe 004 is the same high-grade construction as the other Specialist ID waterproof sport cases listed here but is transparent. The See It Safe 004 comes in seven bright, splashy colors as well as a crystal clear option. The crushproof material helps protect items inside while the thick o-ring seal keeps everything not only dry but also helps to lock out dust, mud, sand, and other contaminants. The 004 can hold up to 10 cards and has both a lanyard loop and a carabiner. These same great features are also available on the Waterproof Glitter Box See-It Safe (040) that adds the fun of a glittery glam to the case and is available in three designer colors, perfect for poolside, beachside, or just out and about catching some rays and having fun.

For a smaller case that is perfect for surfing, scuba, or beach or any time that you don't need to carry more than just an ID, credit card and hotel room key card why not choose the Surf Safe Small Camo. The fun camo pattern comes in three colors. Please note that this case is NOT transparent.

These great cases are the perfect way to protect your important carry along documents and other small valuables while you are out enjoying your day, no matter what activity you are participating in. Fully waterproof, secure lanyards and carabiner connectors, and enough room to handle everything you need to take with you and protect, these sportscases are the ideal solution. With the great looks and affordable price, there is no excuse for not having the waterproof sportscases that you need. Let's look at three great options now.

Witz Waterproof Keep It Safe Sportscases 

For larger items such as cell phones, lip balm, sunscreen, insect spray, lotion and more, the Keep It Safe 002 is a great choice. The Keep It Safe sports case features the same design but in larger dimensions that can accommodate your bigger items. Its the perfect compliment for your smaller ID/cash/credit card case above. The Keep It Safe sports case comes in two colors that complement any fashion choice and pairs well with any of the smaller cases listed above. If you want to match perfectly with the smaller See It Safe and Glitter See It Safe listed above, why not choose the Keep It Clear Waterproof Sport Cases , which come in crystal clear or translucent blue and offer all of the features as the Keep It Safe and are the same size. With all of these great choices, there is no reason why you should ever have to worry about having wet or lost items or carry along documents again while out on your adventures.

If you would like to know more about these or any of our great products, please feel free to contact us through our convenient online contact form. You can also call us at 1-800-380-6726 and speak with one of our associates over the phone.
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