3 Products Every College Student Needs

3 Products Every College Student Needs

Now that the holiday season has drawn to a close, it is time for college students to head back to campus. Though this time can be exciting, it can also take some time to readjust to your old habits. Through the hustle and bustle of catching up with friends and getting to know your new professors, you might forget a thing or two. But not to worry: trying to get back into the swing of your scholastic routine might be a drag, but staying proactive and organized is a great first step. 

Here at Specialist ID, we have all the products you need to upgrade your routine this semester. Check out these top products:

1. Retractable Pen / Pencil Holder

Nothing is worse than losing your pen, especially when you need it most. Taking time to search your backpack for something to write with can cause you to miss valuable information from your professor. But with our retractable pen/pencil holder, you can cast your worries aside. This product keeps your writing implement handy at a moment’s notice, conveniently clipping onto your clothing and remaining secured all day. No need to remove it for use, as it includes a 32-inch retractable cord that makes writing a breeze. Soon enough, all your friends will want one, too.







2. Blank Horizontal Badge Buddy

You aren't alone if your dorm is slowly becoming a pile of laundry and snack wrappers. But nothing makes productivity harder than a messy workspace. Reorganizing at the beginning of the semester is one of the best ways to guarantee academic success. Try using our Blank Horizontal Badge Buddy to make labels for your room and give everything a place. If you live with a roommate, you can also use them to design personalized nametags for your door or even to create a chore chart to share the cleaning responsibilities. The sky is the limit with this product, so feel free to get creative!







3. Waterproof ID Badge Holder

Always losing your key? We’ve got you covered. Our Waterproof ID Badge Holder is the perfect solution for keeping all of your things together on the go. This badge holder is big enough to fit your room and mail key, student ID, money, and even chapstick or other small-profile items. Additionally, it is waterproof and comes in six distinct colors, so you can rock your essentials in style. Now you won’t have to call your roommate or the campus locksmith every time you run out for breakfast. Just stuff everything inside and throw it in your bag or around your neck, and you’re on your way!



Want more campus must-haves? Head to our website for more top-of-the-line badge reels, lanyards, badge holders, and more.
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