4 Products Your Team Needs this Presidents Day

Presidents Day is here, and it is time to celebrate our leaders with products that help our team become industry leaders! There is no better place to start than Specialist ID. With innovative products leading the market, Specialist ID has everything your team needs to succeed in the workplace.

These four products are a team must this Presidents Day.

Gold Retractable Badge Reel With Belt Clip


Feel accomplished with this gold retractable badge reel. The chrome finish will keep your team shining around the office and brighten up any outfit they choose to wear. With the attached belt clip, this badge reel seamlessly clips onto any item of clothing, making it both a versatile and stylish addition. The reel component of this product extends to 34 inches, meaning you will never have to remove this badge reel to use its fastened items.

Polycarbonate Slim Horizontal Clear Rigid ID Card Dispenser - Clear Hard Plastic - with Thumb Notch


This product is a simple but essential item every member of your team needs. This polycarbonate rigid ID card dispenser is built to last with its sturdy material and hard plastic. This ID card dispenser is thin, allowing you to easily attach this product to any lanyard or badge reel you may use. With its thumb notch, this ID card dispenser quickly and seamlessly releases your ID card at the touch of a finger, though this will rarely be necessary due to its clear finish.

Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard


For a product that combines the convenience of a lanyard with the utility of a badge reel, look no further than our locking retractable badge reel lanyard. This product can maintain its 34-inch extension length with locking technology before snapping back into place when you press the retraction button. This feature allows you to scan and show your ID badge without removing the card from your lanyard. Of course, this lanyard product is also equipped with a breakaway element that will protect your neck from any potential strain or injury.

Pin Buddy Badge for Displaying Pins with Badge Buddies - Horizontal


This product displays your pins rather than hanging below your regular ID card with your title! With seven pinholes, your team will have plenty of room to show off their pinned accomplishments and embellishments. This badge buddy is perfect for promoting individuality as well as personal and professional achievement. Though this badge is horizontal, we also stock vertical options to have a compatible pin buddy for every type of badge.

Each of these items provides your team with a smoother, more innovative experience in the workplace. With incredible products that will elevate your work experience, Specialist ID will help your team become the leaders of the pack.

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