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3 Products to Give Your Friends in the Restaurant Industry

Owning a restaurant is an amazing experience, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Between juggling staff and managerial concerns, all while upholding customer satisfaction, you constantly have something on your plate (and unfortunately, it’s not your delicious food). This makes the job less enjoyable and can potentially impact your customers’ experiences.

Every second is valuable, so having the necessary tools at your disposal can ease some of the strain of the job. That’s where we come in: check out these products to help you jumpstart your restaurant’s journey towards maximum productivity and 86 your stress.

1. Retractable Pen/Pencil Holder

Being a waiter or waitress requires a variety of responsibilities, but the most frequent is note-taking. Between in-restaurant requests, recording customer allergies, and taking phone orders on the fly, they are constantly writing things down. It is essential they have access to writing implements to ensure nothing is forgotten or misrepresented.

Nothing is more annoying than losing your pen, so having a functional way to keep it around is essential. This Retractable Pen/Pencil Holder answers the call, keeping a pen or pencil always within reach. It sports a durable clip to attach to clothing and extends over 32 inches for maximum convenience.


2. Face Mask Lanyard

The pandemic has only added to the stress of owning a business, let alone one that depends heavily on customer interaction. COVID has presented its own unique set of changes that necessitate additional protective measures to guarantee a sanitary environment. The fast-paced nature of the restaurant industry can make it difficult to remember to take the proper safety precautions, like masking. This can lead to outbreaks of illness between employees, leaving you short-staffed and scrambling for help at the last minute.

This Face Mask Lanyard can prove extremely useful to your restaurant; it provides your employees with a convenient and accessible answer to PPE needs. This lanyard is a lightweight solution to all masking concerns, keeping masks clean and handy for repeated use. They also break away in case of emergency to ensure your employees’ safety.

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3. Carabiner Badge Reel with Key Ring

During a lunch or dinner rush, a holiday, or even just your average weekend night, things can get even crazier. When your restaurant gets super busy, there can be an overwhelming number of people rushing by. It is important in times like these for customers to quickly and easily identify your staff members.

The Carabiner Badge Reel with Key Ring is a great way to display staff identification for customers and carry necessary equipment for staff. This product is dual purpose, supporting identification, as well as keys, and even small tools all at once. It is multi-purpose and durable, and it can conveniently keep many items at once at your waist. It also features a retractable cord, so there is no need to remove it to access your items.


When you're at your best, so is your business, which may be just a few steps away. Integrate these products into your restaurant to help increase efficiency and eliminate hassle. For more ideas, check out our other products and visit the Specialist ID website. From badge reels to badge buddies we have everything you’ll need.

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