5 Products To Gift The Everyday Heroes In Your Life This Holiday Season

Everyone has a hero. They could be a family member, a teacher, a close friend, or another special person in your life that makes it worth living. No matter who they are, they surely work hard and deserve to feel your appreciation. This holiday season, honor your special, everyday hero with a gift from Specialist ID!

Here are five products you can find on the Specialist ID website that are sure to show your everyday hero how much you appreciate them. 

1- Black EK Retract-A-Cat Lanyard and Key Ring

Shopping for someone who carries around too many keys? Look no further for the perfect gift. The black EK Retract-A-Cat lanyard has an attached key ring to hold all of their keys in the same convenient place. With a cat decal above the key ring, they will always be able to identify their lanyard.



2- Military Lanyards For Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, and Vietnam Veterans

If your special hero is an active member or a military veteran, honor them and their service with this patriotic lanyard. The basic lanyard design includes a breakaway clasp and a detachable end with a clip hook. Coming in designs specific to the army, navy, airforce, marines, and Vietnam veterans, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your personal and patriotic hero.




3- Cruisin Through Life™ Breakaway Lanyard in Sky Blue 

For those who would benefit from a breakaway lanyard with a more basic design, this Cruisin Through Life lanyard is a great option. Of course, this lanyard comes with a protective breakaway clasp to prevent any neck strain. With the colorful blue design and fun saying, this lanyard is sure to brighten their every day, just as they brighten yours. 



4- Neon Badge Reel

Consider gifting your special hero a neon badge reel for a fun and colorful addition to any badge. Coming in a variety of neon colors and including a belt clip on the back, it is hard to lose this badge reel. Your special person will thank you for such a bright addition to their existing badge products. 


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5- Gold Retractable Badge Reel With Belt Clip

If neon is not their style, this chrome gold badge reel is sure to do the trick. This product ensures greater badge mobility and movement with its vinyl badge clasp and 34” chord. The inclusion of a standard belt clip means that your everyday hero can attach it to any outfit with ease.




The gift of any of these products to the everyday hero in your life will not only provide them with a great and useful product but will also show them how much you care. No matter what you choose, let them feel the love with a product from Specialist ID. 

Visit the Specialist ID website for more products that make the perfect gift for that special someone.

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