5 Products To Help Commemorate World Health Day

5 Products To Help Commemorate World Health Day

With a day crafted to commemorate everything health-related, mind/body health issues, focusing on the right products to embrace this national day will encourage colleagues and friends to jump in and spread their knowledge around various topics. 

As this day unravels, many will find themselves at work. We have come up with a list of products to visually pay tribute to the holiday. 

Lanyard colors may be an important detail depending on the display purpose; when used on a day like World Health Day. The color associated with this holiday is blue, as it is prominent in the medical industry and associated with trust, knowledge, healing, and focus. Teachers in classrooms can hand out blue lanyards to students with fun health facts attached to encourage conversations around this day and further broaden minds as they turn lanyards into fun activities.




Badge buddies are an item many people in the health industry already use. These can be great to personalize for a day like this intentionally. Because of their visibility, anything added to them will be easy to recognize. Adding fun world-like figure pins or anything health-related will attract attention and promote questions around the topic. We offer badge buddies in a beautiful deep hue of blue to play with the day’s color theme and look symbolic on your colleagues' shirts. 




Badge holders are the perfect accessory to a standard non breakaway lanyard with a metal swivel hook. While they are designed to display your badges easily and securely, they can also display messages. Including World Health Day messages as attached stickers can help you and your colleagues play a role in the day. Badge holders are available in many different designs and styles (including vertical and horizontal to match your card), each intended to work specifically with your ID card type and its features. With many types of badge holders in stock, you can choose the best fit for you and your team. 




Badge reels allow the full capability of customization, making it easy to celebrate a good cause. These reels are useful not only to hold IDs in place but also for pens and keychains; holding a blue pen would keep the blue color theme going strong. If you want to go big for your team, consider customizing different World Health Day logo prints on the reels and giving your colleagues a variety. These clear badge reels (or colored) are durable; since they are rated for 100,000 pulls, they should be able to last quite a while.




Heart shaped reels are nothing short of appropriate for setting the mood for this holiday. They are useful in encouraging heart health while also looking work appropriate if your workplace is a hospital. Customizing the look of our heart shaped badge reel with a rotating spring clip can be done in many ways, like inserting a more realistic heart print onto the existing badge reel. You can also opt for the classically designed heart shaped EKG themed badge reel with swivel spring clip. If your hospital's department is a Cardiac Care Unit, this would be the perfect reel for your staff to represent! 





With our wide selection of products and reasonable prices, you don’t have to commit to only one product; you can choose all five and let your office, hospital, or school take their pick. Specialist ID can stock you with multiple products in a variety of designs and styles to encourage everyone to take part in World Health Day.

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