Professions That Use Pocket Protectors with ID Badge Holders

It used to be that only nerds typically used pocket protectors. These days, being a nerd is quite popular thanks to hit televisions show The Big Bang Theory. Even before being a nerd was considered cool, the usefulness of the pocket protectors has been around long since then.

They're used to store ink pens while serving the dual purpose of protecting your clothes from any unfortunate ink stains. Even though pens have caps and others retract, ink still somehow finds a way to leak through. Pocket protectors have proven to be the perfect solution to keeping pens close by without ruining one's favorite shirt or lab coat.

For businesses that provide lab coats, pocket protectors are a wise investment. With pocket protectors, your lab coats will look fresh and clean as the day they did when you bought them for your employees, free of inkblots! You'll also save money by not spending more money on new lab coats.

The fact of the matter is with most professions even with the advancement of technology, the use of a writing pen nearby is essential for day-to-day business operations. Depending on the work environment, lanyards and badge reels might not be the professional look that people are going for. The pocket protectors that Specialist ID, a wholesale badge and ID accessory distributor in Miami, Florida stocks, slides securely into the front pocket of a shirt or lab coat and is able to fit up to 4-5 writing pens. Whether you need a trio of highlighters, colorful or permanent markers, the pocket protectors at Specialist ID has them available by the bulk.

The great feature about Specialist IDs pocket protectors is that they come with an ID badge holder. As you slide your pocket protector in your pocket, the flap which is actually another vinyl pocket to hold your badge or photo ID will lay on the outside of the pocket making it visible for all to see.

  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Psychiatrist
  • Contractors

Specialist IDs pocket protectors come in two styles: one that will fit a vertical ID badge and one that will hold a horizontal badge. Each badge holder is large enough to fit a standard credit card sized ID.

Watch this video demonstration about how our pocket protector ID badge holders works:


Place your order online today and have your stock of pocket protector ID badge holders at your doorstep within 2-6 business days. Orders over $50 and above are free. Otherwise, expect to add an additional $3.49 for domestic shipping. No minimum order is required.

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