Reflective Arm Badge Holder With Glow in the Dark Tabs

This reflective orange arm badge holder with glow in the dark tabs is the ideal arm badge holder for safety. Whether working at night or in hazardous conditions, this badge holder allows for high visibility since it is reflective and the glow in the dark tabs are visible in the dark.

Perfect for physical active personnel, such as construction workers at a construction site, auto mechanic working on cars at night, warehouse workers or airport ground crew working during the nighttime hours. Besides the safety reflective properties, its a stay put adjustable neon orange anti-microbial armband for all sizes and it wont slip off clothing. It also matches the orange reflective vests often worn at night for construction crews. Arm bands are best for working around heavy duty machinery to reduce the risk of dangling lanyards as a chocking hazard. They are comfortable to wear and allow for great flexibility with movement. The armband is interchangeable as well.

This arm badge holder can hold multiple standard or credit card size badges. Many customers have found this item useful and of quality safety measures. Always better to be safe than sorry with all the precautions available during more risky work environments.

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