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Retractable Badge Reels: Everything You Need to Know

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What makes retractable badge reels so attractive is the fact that you can keep your keys or identification (ID) card attached to you and still use it without having to detach it. When you're constantly on the go, a mechanism like this may turn into your favorite accessory.

Why Do You Need a Badge Reel?

Depending on the type of work you do, you might be able to get away with the less expensive badge reels. For instance, if you need a badge reel that doesn't require much movement, the Badge Reel with BeltClip offered by Specialist ID might be just the tool you need to hold your ID badge and other accessories.

Specialist ID stocks these lightweight badge reels available in solid or translucent colors7 to be exact. The translucent badge reels are only 1cent more than the solid colors costing at only 80 cents per unit. Both badge reels have a reel diameter of 1, with a cord length of 34, that's rated for100,000 pulls. These badge reels come with a belt clip that holds tightly to your belt or purse strap.








For Tasks That Require More Movement

If the job requires a lot of movement then consider the badge reel that has a swivel clip. The swivel clip allows for more movement giving you the flexibility to stretch the ID badge holder from different angles. The swivel clip is slightly different. Instead of the standard clip, the badge reel with the swivel clip has an alligator spring clip. This type of spring clip offers a bigger opening to make it easier to clip on to thicker clothing and straps.

Watch a video demonstration of how the Badge Reel with Swivel-BackAlligator Spring Clip (P/N 2120-760X) works!

The swivel clip is also available in translucent colors.

Badge Reels That Carry More Weight

Now, we do carry heavy-duty badge reels, but it is important to know that we stock two different kinds of badge heavy-duty badge reels: There's the Black Chrome Heavy-Duty Badge Reel with Belt Clip and the Key-Baks.

Heavy-Duty Badge Reels

The Heavy-Duty badge reels have a stronger retraction force that allows you to carry more items. If you were to overload a standard badge reel, chances are it won't retract fully. The cord length for this reel is actually made of a chain and stretches out at 18 to make up for the amount of weight placed on it. But aside from that, the compartment itself is made partially of chrome.


Key-Bak Series

The Key-Bak series has a retractable cord that is made out of Kevlar material stretching out at 24. The 0KB1-0A21model has the durability of holding 6 keys or up to 4 oz. The Key-Bak brand has a Lifetime Service Policy with the manufacturer and is made in America.












With Specialist ID, you can order your badge reels online or call us directly to place your order. If you live in the South Florida area, you can save yourself the cost of shipping and handling and come pick up your order. There is no minimum order with us. You can order as many or as few as you like. However, the more badge reels you purchase, the better chance you have of getting the best price available on top of the initial wholesale cost

We also offer a plethora of products from lanyard wallets, badge buddies, breakaway lanyards and more.

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