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Retractable Key Chain for School Janitors

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The life of a school janitor can be complicated enough without digging through multiple pockets each time a key is needed. And that can be 50 times a day! Specialist ID is proud to offer a solution to these problems with our line of retractable key chains for school janitors. Let us show you our top picks at an affordable price.

Our retractable key chains keep your keys handy and secure with the ease of use in mind. The durable Kevlar retractable cord is strong enough to withstand daily use without fraying or tangling. This material is touted as 5 times stronger than steel. This is helpful for school janitors who pull out their keys multiple times a day. When outfitting your janitorial staff, don't forget about these handy items.

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With a stainless steel chain, our retractable key chains feature split rings that are strong enough for multiple keys and can even handle small tools, so you keep them on hand at all times. Other features include a back attachment for clipping to a pocket or use the belt loop for added security. Swivel clips add convenience by reducing pressure on the cord.

Our reels are low profile, great for all the twisting and bending a janitor has to do. The slim designs prevent accidents such as getting caught on things and possibly pulling your keys off.

Our line of retractable key chains is suitable for any janitors needs. For those with a heavier workload, we offer our super duty reels. Made in a carabineer-style from zinc alloy, these key chains can carry the weight of every key needed in a janitors busy day. Clip these reels to your belt loop, and you are ready to go. With retraction force of 13 oz to 15 oz, these reels can carry small tools and even a flashlight.

These reels have been tested to perform over 500,000 extensions and come with a manufacturer lifetime service policy. These reels are designed and constructed in the USA.   

We pride ourselves in offering top quality products, however, if you are not satisfied with your order, simply return it and we will make it right.

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We also help protect your bottom line. With our low price guarantee, you can be sure you are getting the best value for your investment.

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