RFID-Shielded Badge Holders for Security Sensitive Applications


Many large businesses and corporations may not realize that they're in serious need of a radio frequency identification (RFID) blocker. This may be because they don't fully understand with RFID technology is.

A Brief Overview of How RFID Began

RFID technology originated from bar code scanning and swiping magnetic strips. The way this works is that the item with the barcode or computer chip must come in close proximity to the reader so that it can scan the information embedded. With this method, the information can only be processed one way. Also, items can only be scanned one at a time.

How RFID Technology Has Progressed

Today, ID badges with the RFID technology embedded in them have the advantage of scanning data from further distances. Also, with RFID technology, you don't have to worry about positioning the ID card a certain way. In fact, you don't even have to take it out of your wallet! Furthermore, RFID technology can scan multiple badges at once.

How This Technology Helps Companies

This kind of breakthrough has been most helpful to prevent accidents. For government agencies and emergency healthcare facilities, personnel will be able to access entryways without having to halt or worry about running into a door. This is especially beneficial for rushed situations.

How Does RFID Technology Actually Work?

The RFID cards have a microchip with an antenna reader that has direct access to its control server. The microchip is communicating with the server to provide access to a certain entryway. The amount of distance in which the RFID card and the server communicates depends on the microchip. If you think about how cell phones are able to communicate from long distances, then you have an idea of how the RFID cards can access and collect information.

Some of the Disadvantages of RFID Technology

While this is an amazing technological stride, one must consider the disadvantages. The fact that you can access information without even having to see an ID card brings the concern of information being too accessible.

Protect Your Information!

That's why Specialist ID, a wholesale ID badge and accessory distributor in South Florida, provides a massive inventory of discount RFID badge holders for personnel to secure their IDs with.

Our Rigid Shielded RFID Blocking 2-Card Holder, model 1840-5081 is manufactured in America and can tightly secure two credit or debit card 13.56 Mhz RFID technology cards from identity theft. This includes:

  • Mifare
  • L-class
  • Piv
  • Cac
  • Twic
  • frac

By securing your RFID card in this cardholder, thieves will not be able to extract any information from your card. Your card can only be scanned when its removed from the cardholder.


Exterior: 3 7/16" x 2 5/16"

Inside: 3 3/8" x 2 1/8"

This clear RFID badge holder has a thumb-notch so that you can easily remove your card. It's transparent enough so that your cards are viewable. It also has two slot holes that allow your badge ID to be displayed vertically or horizontally.

Watch this video demonstration of how the RFID 1840-5081 model can work for you.


Get a Little or a Lot!

At Specialist ID, you can order a bulk amount of RFID badge holders at a discount price. The more you order, the less expensive you will have to pay per unit, saving your company money. It is also worth mentioning that there's no minimum order, so if you want to order one just to test the product, you're certainly welcomed to do so.

Shop all of our RFID badge holders here.

Now that you know what RFID technology is and what it can do, place your order with us online today or call to speak to one of our representatives about ordering RFID badge blockers toll free at 1-800-380-6726. You can also inquire about our products online.

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