Round Lanyard with Detachable Key Ring

Round Lanyard with Detachable Keyring

This heavy-duty breakaway round lanyard with the detachable keyring is an everyday accessory for all! One size fits all with this 36″ total circumference lanyard that hangs comfortably around your neck. There's a diamond slider to adjust the actual fit to your liking and the safety breakaway feature keeps you out of danger from being choked in case the lanyard gets snagged or pulled off while you are wearing it.

Having a detachable key ring enables the constant need for use and reuse of the items it carries. Whether it be multiple keys to your home, office, car, family members home, mailbox, etc. or it can easily attach to a badge holder, memory stick, pepper spray and more! The convenience of an easy attach and detach multiple times throughout the day to utilize your items does help to keep organized and ready. It allows you to have an easy reach to your door or to loan out when you need to pass over an item for someone else to use.

Pick your color and be better organized with your daily necessities!

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