Safety First Reflective Lanyard

Our safety first reflective lanyard with luminescent glow in the dark print would be beneficial for those who work in low lighting conditions, whether at a concert, warehouse, night event, construction site or scene of an accident. The reflective, glow in the dark print would help to stand out in the crowd and represent as an authority figure.

The useful lanyard itself serves the purpose for holding photo ID badges, keys, proximity cards, whistles, small tools, etc. The safety breakaway feature reduces risk of danger of being choked by the lanyard, in case it gets caught or snagged during wear. Lanyards allow you to be hands free, carrying your essentials for easy accessibility.

School cross guards would benefit wearing this type of lanyard during rainy, darker days for their protection and the children they help cross the street. Considering we are in the month of October, these lanyards would be great to wear for parents who take their kids trick or treating during Halloween. Also great for event staff who work evening events, such as County Fairs, Halloween Horror Nights, music festivals and concerts.

Check out our webpage for the different color options to choose from and remember Safety First! We also have a variety of Reflective Arm Band Badge Holders to choose from as well.

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