4 Products to Gift a Screenwriter on National Screenwriter’s Day

4 Products to Gift a Screenwriter on National Screenwriter’s Day

Happy National Screenwriter’s Day! Every January, we celebrate those who work hard to develop our favorite binge-worthy shows and movies. If you are lucky enough to have a screenwriter in your life, now is the perfect time to celebrate them. Finding the right gift might seem challenging initially, but with a little help from your friends here at Specialist ID, you’ll be on the right track in no time. 

Here are some of our top products that are sure to wow the writer in your life:

Retractable Badge Reel with Pen Holder

Inspiration can strike at any time, so for a writer, few things are as important as having a pen or pencil at the ready to record their most inspired ideas. Writing implements are easily lost, so ensuring they have a safe and convenient way to transport their tools is essential. Our Retractable Badge Reel with Pen Holder is the perfect solution to this issue! Attachable to any clothing, this badge reel will keep a pen ready at a moment’s notice. The retractable cord will keep it secure both during use and on the go, so they won’t lose their train of thought again.








Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard

What good is a pen (or an idea) without anywhere to record it? Every writer needs a place to store all their concepts, whether fully fleshed out or just beginning. With our Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard, you can securely store a pen and a notebook inside the vinyl pouch. What’s more, this lanyard wallet also allows one to display their credentials, so if a screenwriter needs to report to the writer’s room on a secure lot, they have all their essentials ready to go. It’s a win-win!



Lanyard with Pen and ID Badge Holder

Our Lanyard with Pen and ID Badge Holder is a useful product for a screenwriter working on an ongoing production. Because these writers, as opposed to freelancers, report daily and in-person to the set, they are required to show identification upon arrival at multiple checkpoints. With this product, they can combine their credentials and writing tools into one full-service lanyard. If needed, they can even hook a small-scale spiral-bound notebook to the keyring at the bottom. This product really does it all!



Waterproof ID Badge Holder

Sometimes a spark of inspiration needs a bit of a push and requires a writer to branch out of their normal environment to different landscapes. A lot of people find a beach or a lake not only relaxes them but also allows their mind to drop their inhibitions and foster creativity. With our Waterproof ID Badge Holder, the writer in your life can bring along their pen and paper to the water without worrying that they will be damaged. Who knows what great stories will be born from this badge holder?



…and these just name a few. Check out our other badge reels, lanyards, and badge buddies for more gifts and lifestyle inspiration.

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