Self-Expiring Visitor ID Badges and Log Book

Hospitals, schools, daycare units, libraries, prisons, or any other type of working facilities open to the public are always looking for newer and better ways to keep track of their visitors. If you or your business is also looking for that competitive edge when it comes to managing your visitors, then you may significantly benefit from having the self-expiring visitor ID badges and log book at your service.

That's because this brand new ID card was designed to help increase security while safely compiling sensitive information and saving time. Its also surprisingly easy to use. If you allow me to briefly explain how this works, I'll explain to you how this might just be the new game-changer when it comes to ID security for your business.

When a visitor enters your premises, your receptionist or security officer simply needs to fill out an ID card with the person's information, and that exact data will simultaneously be reproduced and stored inside of a log book for safekeeping. And this information will be encoded in order to prevent the public or other visitors from reading it. This allows you to easily monitor a persons visit every time they enter your doors.


Afterwards, the receptionist will supply the visitor with a self-expiring adhesive ID badge holder that they can stick onto their shirt containing their information that will allow them to enter the compounds. About 14-16 hours later, the self-expiring process will fully transpire, and the ID card will change colors and a bold, VOID text will appear in front of the ID badge.

The sign-in information and log book that comes with the self-expiring badge holder heightens the security levels by preventing tampering and reuse of the badge, while also saving time by eliminating the need for employees to gather the ID badges after distribution. This, in turn, helps keeps your working facility safe by being smart and utilizing technology to be more efficient.

We simply advise you to consider the volume of visitors you get before placing your order. The05721 contains 240 ID badges, and the 05741 carries 480. Either way, you can't go wrong, because these ID badge holders and accessories were built to perform at a high level and keep your business safe and your visitors supervised.

Check out our other visitor management solutions if you would like to compare and contrast different options. Otherwise, If you would like any more information on these self-expiring visitor ID passes and log book, please feel free to leave us a comment below or give us a call toll free at 1-800-380-6726, and well be sure to address any questions concerns or issues regarding any of our ID badge accessories as soon as possible.

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