Silicone Cell Phone Wallet

Less is more! Especially when it comes to what you have to carry with you day today. We don't leave home without our cell phone (at least we try not to) and we don't leave home without our wallet. Well, this simple and useful silicone cell phone wallet adhesives to your cell phone to allow you to have a cell phone and wallet in one.

With an adhesive strip, you can simply stick on this adorable, lightweight and flexible silicone cell phone wallet to any size cell phone (or surface for that matter) and have the convenience of carrying up to 3 standard-sized credit card IDs for your day at the beach or night out on the town. It securely holds and protects your valuable smart cards encased in the silicone pocket while on the go.

A great use might be for your parking ticket that you will want to have validated while you are at the movies, doctor office or shopping! Fits in the pocket for easy retrieval.

Have easy access to your debit, credit or ID cards without having to remember which wallet, pocket or car you left them in. Great way to get organized and carry less. Comes in black, white, red or blue. Would also make a great gift for anyone! This new item should be on your must-have item list.

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