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Silicone Wallet Add Ons

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Silicone Wallet Add Ons

Great idea for holding your public transit cards! Being a regular commuter using public transportation, I notice that almost everyone is attached to their cellphone before, during and after their train or bus ride. This observation made a logical realization for another great use for the silicone cell phone wallet.

The silicone cell phone wallet is a secure mini wallet that attaches to your cell phone or any surface through an adhesive sticker you simply peel off and stick. When commuting through public transportation, you usually will need to swipe your transit card to ride before and maybe after. We all keep our cellphone handy, so what better way to place your card where you may easily find it! The silicone wallet holds a secure fit for what's inside. Capable of holding up to two credit-card-sized IDs, once inside, they will stay in place until pulled out.

Along with the transit card, your parking ticket stub would also fit nicely in an easy to locate the place. Don't let your transit card or temporary day pass fall out of your pocket and get lost again. This simple add on the wallet will make it easier to find and use your ticket to getting to work, court or home!

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