4 Products to Get You Ready for Ski Season

4 Products to Get You Ready for Ski Season

Winter is here! Time to break out your skis, snowboards, and sleds and make the most of any snowy weather in your area. But why stop there? Much more goes into a successful season than a good pair of skis. Here at Specialist ID, we make tons of products perfect for all your winter sports needs. Use this season to stock up on some game-changing products, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran.

Ready to hit the slopes? Check out these products to make the most of this year’s ski season:

Reflective Armband ID Holder

No one knows whiteout conditions like a skier, so making sure you sport eye-catching gear is important in remaining safe out on the tracks. With our reflective armband ID holder, you can sport your credentials (whether a license, club card, or lift ticket) safely inside the neon vinyl pouch while remaining identifiable, even in the worst weather. Even better, it connects around your arm to accommodate your on-the-move activity without the hassle or bulk. Its breathable and elastic material makes it versatile for all people and the perfect product for exercise. Choose from one of three available colors, and get ready to suit up!



Armband ID Holder with Zipper Top

With your hands occupied on the hills, it can be challenging to keep track of your belongings and guarantee they remain safe. Our armband ID holder with zipper top is the perfect solution. This ID badge holder allows you to store your items inside and attach them securely to your arm during activity. Designed for movement, it contains your credentials inside the vinyl pouch, sealing out dirt, sweat, or harsh weather. To use, simply slide your belongings into the resealable zipper closure, slip into the armband, and attach the hook loop. Once in position, your ID remains visible and safe inside.




Armband ID Holder with Two Straps

If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty armband model, our military armband ID holder is a fantastic choice. Though it features similar construction to our other armbands, this product was specially designed with the durability to withstand high levels of impact in intense sports settings. If you are a competitive or professional skier, this item is a long-lasting and improved addition to your current uniform. An added bonus: it is as stylish as it is functional with the varying colors and patterns available. If you want a product that is sure to last, search no further than this armband. 



Retractable Heavy-Duty Ski Pass Holder

Are you more of a casual skier or staff at a ski resort? Try our retractable heavy-duty ski pass holder! This product is great for securing credentials for those participating in less-intense activities but is still designed to withstand inclement weather conditions. This badge reel attaches to your clothing and holds your identification or tickets on its retractable nylon cord. This is a safer alternative to a traditional lanyard because it won’t pose harm if caught or snagged during movement. 


Want more winter-proof products to carry you through the season? Head to Specialist ID for the best badge reels, lanyards, and badge holders in the game.

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