Specialist ID Coupon Code Cancer 2014

 We are now offering our customers a monthly astrological sign coupon code for additional savings all year round! Look for our latest astrological sign creations on Pinterest and Facebook to remind you of the birth dates that correlate the current birth month and type in the sign for your extra 5% off savings.

For example, from June 22-July 22, type in Cancer in the discount code section and you will receive an additional 5% your total purchase amount. *Please note our restrictions for this coupon use are limited to $50.00 off the total purchase value amount.

Our creative juices are flowing and we like to be up to date with current personal details to match all of our special customers. Plus, we find it fun to list the personality traits for each astrological sign and wonder how accurate are they? We know from our personal experience and chances so do you! We hope you enjoy our creative illustrations!

Cancers are known for the loyal, caring and dependable attributes but they have their crabby moments and tend to be moody and oversensitive at times. They are very protective but they do give great advice!

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