Strap Clip with Two Straps for Multiple Cards


By special request, we have brought in the S2204 dual strap, strap clip, and made it available with no minimum order online. The S2204 two strap clip is a neat item for anyone that needs to hold multiple ID cards but does not use a badge holder. Also, with this dual strap clip, it is possible to have two cards on one clip and have both cards mostly visible.   

Our customer had a unique use for this strap clip that worked out great. They needed to display a badge buddy, yet also use a vinyl badge holder for their ID. Without this clip, the badge buddy would have been covered up.

The alligator clip easily attaches firmly to most articles of clothing, lapel or bag, making it a simple attachment for most uniforms and accessories. The straps will fit any standard slot punched ID card or any slot hole in any standard ID badge holder.


If you have any questions about our strap clips or other ID badge accessories, please feel free to call us at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online.

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