Suitcase Tags Ideal for Large Delegations

Simple, yet ingenious: color-coding large delegations suitcase tags can make your life much easier. When you have dozens or hundreds of people coming from a different industry, company or management/worker level, color-coding the suitcase tags will make it easier to categorize people and their luggage at a quick glance.
Ideally, greeters would collect the luggage at the airport or hotel and help get that on the way and to their hotel room efficiently. There is so much room for error here that any little trick, like color-coding, can avoid luggage getting lost or sent to the wrong rooms. 

The more organized you can get ahead of time, the less you will have to run around trying to figure things out when the moment of truth is upon you.

Prepare now by shopping Specialist IDs selection of multi-colored suitcase tags and doing some prep work before anyone even arrives!

Send out the tags in advance to the delegation with polite instructions on how to use them, and also have some extra handy on the incoming day if they didn't tag their suitcases themselves. Keep in mind, also that most people will have a minimum of 2 pieces of luggage, and may likely have one or two extra. Plan on ordering 3-4 per person.

Another option, of course, is just to do the work on-the-spot and not send them out in advance.

This system can work not only in a hotel lobby, but for travel agencies, tour guides, convention centers, large governmental and NGO conferences and more.

Specialist ID has 3 different colored suitcase tags that will help you organize your thoughts and get a system going in place ahead of time:

These rigid luggage tags come in six primary colors: black,white, green, red, blue and yellow. A clear cover protects the index card that's included for the contact information. Standard sized business cards and credit card sized IDs also fit comfortably in the slot. The plastic loop to attach to the luggage comes included.

For minimum orders at just 25 the pricing already starts to drop. Check out the discounts for larger orders here.

If you need more colors, these neonrigid plastic luggage tags are ideal. Their bright color means they are spotted even easier from afar. They come in five colors: Neon Blue, Neon Pink,Neon Purple, Neon Green and Neon Orange. In total, between the six primary color luggage tag holders above and these five neon colors you'll have at least 11 different colors to help you color-coordinate your way into an easy-breezy logistics during the height of incoming and outgoing delegations.

This also comes with the 6 plastic loop and index card. Standard business cards and ID cards the size of credit cards also fit in the slot and are protected with a clear slip.

Our third option is a flexible luggage tag, available in primary colors: red, yellow, blue and green, as well as black and white (six colors in total).

This is our most economical option. Included is the loop and index card. This also fits standard business and credit card sized ID cards.

Something as simple as an ID tag can save you from headaches later on. Our low pricing and incentives for larger orders makes it easy to order in large quantities to ensure you have everyone covered and your system works for you.

Specialist ID can help you keep your meetings running smoothly with simple yet, specialized identification products. The easiest way to get some questions answered is to just enter our site anywhere at and use the chat box to reach any of the available reps on the support team. You can write to us online or just give us a call at 800-380-6726. Well be happy to hear from you!

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