Summer Cruising Lanyard for ID Badges and More!

Summer is around the corner and for some fortunate families, it means summer vacation time! Whether it be summer camp for the kids or a summer cruise for the family, a handy lanyard, more like a hands-free lanyard, would be the perfect accessory to bring along to attach hotel keys, photo IDs, camp gear, etc. Lanyards for ID badges plus so much more!

For summer camp, kids can wear safety breakaway lanyards to carry lightweight camp gear, whistles, small light and/or photo ID card. That's safety all around literally! The safety breakaway feature allows for the lanyard to break apart if snagged or pulled, but it won't break the lanyard or cause harm to your child's neck.

For the family cruise, Wearing a lanyard and badge holder to hold and protect your key to the world card enables you to be hands-free, without needing to carry a purse or wallet. That one card becomes all you need to get around the ship and make purchases.

We have plenty of cool, practical and comfortable lanyards to choose from in a variety of colors, along with standard ID sized badge holders from a clear vinyl to colored badge holders. Color coordinate for the whole family or as an individual, but simplify your carrying load while having some summer fun!

P.S. Don't forget your luggage tags!

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