Hosting a Summer Festival? Here are the Badges, Lanyards, and Products You Need

Hosting a Summer Festival? Here are the Badges, Lanyards, and Products You Need

Calling all festival venues! With summer on the way, festival season is upon us. Are you ready to unlock the ultimate ID swag for your upcoming event? Look no further— your friends at Specialist ID have got you covered. 

We know that planning an event with so many moving parts can be challenging, so we have designed the best ID products to help make your life that much easier. From lanyards to ticket holders, we've got the top products to take your guests’ festival experience from basic to extraordinary. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Event Lanyard

Ready to take your guest experience to the next level at your upcoming festival? We have just the product for you: our event lanyard! Say goodbye to twisted and tangled lanyards, and hello to hassle-free fun! These lanyards feature a unique twist-free 2-hook design, ensuring that your attendees can easily display their badges, tickets, and VIP passes with style and ease— no more fumbling or frustration at the entrance gates. The double-sided feature allows for maximum visibility and customization opportunities, allowing you to showcase your festival branding from any angle. Enhance the festival experience for your guests and become the envy of every event organizer by getting your hands on these amazing lanyards



2. Standard-Size Ticket Holder

Tired of seeing your attendees struggle to keep their tickets safe and secure while trying to have fun at your festival? Try our standard-size ticket holder! This product is designed to perfectly fit those precious concert passes, ensuring they stay pristine throughout the festival. With its durable and transparent design, your customers can proudly display their tickets in style—no more digging through pockets or frantic searches for misplaced tickets. Plus, the convenient lanyard slot allows for easy attachment to our funky lanyards, making it a stylish accessory to complete any festival outfit. Get your hands on this ticket holder today and make ticket management a breeze for your festival-goers.






3. Volunteer Badges

Your employees and volunteers deserve the best, too. Get them our volunteer badges! Say goodbye to flimsy, hard-to-see badges and hello to volunteer identification that can’t be beaten. Our badges and badge holders are designed with durability in mind, so your hardworking volunteers can proudly wear them throughout the entire event. The clothing-friendly clip ensures that their festival attire stays intact, so there won’t be any snags or wardrobe malfunctions here. With these eye-catching badges, your volunteers will stand out in the crowd, making it easy for festival-goers to identify them for assistance, guidance, or high-fives. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your incredible team. Order these badges today and let your volunteers shine bright like festival stars!







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