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5 Tips For Taking and Displaying Your ID Picture

Picking the best equipment for your ID badge is crucial, but taking the perfect ID picture is just as important. Not only will people need to recognize who you are, but your photo ID should also look as good as possible. So you can present your best self, here are five tips for taking and displaying your ID badge picture.

Photo Lighting
There is nothing worse than bad lighting for taking your ID photo. Harsh fluorescent lights can wash out your face and cast shadows behind you. For a flattering picture, facing a window for natural light is recommended, but any light that will give you a soft glow will work. This way, you will have even lighting and a lower chance of shadows on the face and background. Also, the background should be subtle, like a plain white wall. Make sure there are no objects behind you as well.

Dress For Success
Although only your head and shoulders will be visible on your ID, it is still important to think about what you wear for the picture. While you don’t have to wear your best clothes, unnecessary jewelry and accessories, big collars, or hoods could make the photo look strange and be too distracting. Stick to a dark color shirt or blouse.

Also, don’t wear any eyeglasses or hats as your face needs to be fully visible. Choose a hairstyle that won’t drape over your face or obscure your eyes. And if you choose to wear makeup for picture day, avoid intense or pearlescent materials. Accentuate your eyebrows and eyelashes (as they tend to “vanish” in pictures) and choose a matte lipstick that resembles your natural lip color.

Choose The Right Pose
Your pose needs to be just right for taking an ID picture. The camera should not be too low or too high, and your shoulders should be square to the camera. Try not to lift your chin and expose your nostrils, which is one of the most common mistakes when taking a picture. Also, don’t tilt or move your head back to prevent creating a double chin. Relax your shoulders, slightly move your chin forward, and lower your head a little to get the best look.

Look The Part
It’s natural to want to smile big and bright when you get your picture taken. However, for your ID badge, a wide smile may not be the best choice. Try a soft smile by slightly lifting the corners of your mouth while it’s closed. Consequently, frowning eyebrows can spoil photos even more than a wide smile can. To avoid looking upset, try to raise your eyebrows as if something has surprised you slightly. Make sure not to look too shocked!

Select A Proper Badge Holder
There are countless ways to wear your new photo ID badge. A reliable badge holder is essential to make sure your ID lasts for a long time. Try something like the 2-Sided Vertical Rigid Card Holder. One side of this card holder features an open face to ensure your ID can be readily displayed. The other side has a closed compartment that holds up to three additional ID badges or six business cards. The rigid plastic is heavy-duty to prevent cards from breaking or bending and it is available in seven colors. This badge holder can be attached to a badge reel or lanyard to keep it handy and readily available. 


Try these essential tips if you plan on taking an ID badge picture or want to retake it. Afterward, visit the Specialist ID website to select the best badge holder, lanyard, or other products to show off your perfect ID picture. 

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