The Advantages of Badge Holders with Magnetic Backs

For retail businesses and service-based organizations, utilizing badge holders with magnetic backs over pins or clips is a smart solution. Many organizations throughout the United States have been increasingly relying upon badge holders with magnetic backs for a whole host of reasons. Its well worth your consideration to make the switch to magnetic backs; trust us, your employees will thank you.

1. They Don't Damage Clothing

The primary reason employees often will complain about having to wear name badges is that the pins or clips can put holes in their clothing. Even a small hole can become larger over time as pins directly damage the materials they attach to and wear fabrics down slowly over time. Meanwhile, magnetic-backed badge holders leave no negative effects on clothing even pieces made out of the most fragile and delicate fabrics such as silk or lace.

2. They Are Much More Durable

With a sturdier construction and design, magnetic badge holders are much less susceptible to damage. Once a pin or clip is damaged on other types of badge holders, you usually need to replace the badge holder entirely. This problem is noteworthy because it occurs much more commonly than you might think, as pins slowly rust over time. When looking at this issue from a long-term standpoint, magnetic-backed badge holders can be a better overall investment for organizations of all sizes.

3. They Are More Comfortable to Wear

No employee wants to have to worry about their badge holder pin poking them while in use. For employees on the move throughout the day, magnetic backs are much more comfortable to wear with their flat, smooth design. With a lesser possibility of skin irritation and more safe construction, magnetic badge holders hold a clear advantage over traditional badges.

4.They Can Be Easily Moved and Placed Back On

Taking name tags on and off when employees get out of work or do laundry can be a minor, but daily source of frustration for individuals. Trying to reposition the badge exactly where they were so as not to create even more holes in your clothing can be annoying and a bit tedious. Additionally, for workers who are very particular about their look will often prefer to be able to reposition their badges as effortlessly as possible on a regular basis. Magnetic badge holders simplify this daily process.

5. They Look More Professional

Crafted out of plated steel, magnetic badge holders look much more sophisticated and high-end compared to plastic or pin alternatives that don't stay exactly where you want them to with movement throughout the day. A sturdy magnetic-backed badge creates a more professional image for your organization and stands out significantly.

While they may run at a slightly higher cost than traditional pin badges, long-lasting magnetic-backed badge holders are well worth the investment. At Specialist ID, we sell a wide assortment of many excellent, durable choices, including:

Leave a more positive impression on your clients and customers with magnetic-backed badge holders. If you have any questions about our products at Specialist ID, reach out to us now at 1-800-380-6726 or fill out our online contact form.

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