The Classic Standard Vinyl ID Badge Holders gravitate towards classic products. Those trustworthy creations that have proven themselves over and over, time and time again. The ones that build long-lasting relationships with customers for generations, and no preconceived end in sight. Those special few go on to become the timeless classics and set the standards all the other competitors strive to beat. For years now, our Standard Vinyl ID Badge Holders have dominated the badge holder industry and become traditional, go-to choice for protecting and displaying credit card sized ID cards.
Why have millions of people all around the world chosen either the vertical 1820-1050 or horizontal 1820-1000 vinyl ID badge for their lanyards or badge reels? Besides years of tested reliability, durability, and easy functionality, there are multiple reasons why most people place vinyl ID holders around their cards. Please join us for a thorough explanation and continue reading below! Well begin with the first experience. Once you get this ID holder in your hands, youll know exactly what to do with it. Just slide a credit card sized ID card through the slot and itll fit like a glove inside the badge holder. Electronic card readers, supervisors, and staff will all be able to read your card because the photo, colors, and text on the photo ID card remain clearly legible through the clear vinyl for smooth visibility.


The vinyl will also shield the ID card from dirt, grime, smudge, and most of the contributing factors which degrade the lifespan of ID cards. If you're working outside in a light drizzle, or in an office and accidentally spill some food or coffee on your shirt, the vinyl badge holder will save your card from the contact. Just wipe the vinyl with a cloth, because it can be easily cleaned but not easily torn. These flexible, lightweight card holders were built to last and ready for everyday use.

You can fix these on anything from a lanyard, badge reel, to chain. These vinyl holders have a slot and chain holes to provide multiple forms of attachment to anything that will slip through the slot holes. For the people that prefer a minimalistic approach, they can simply use a clip to attach the vinyl ID holder onto their shirt or uniform and comfortably display their photo ID.

These standard classic vinyl ID card holders will extend the lifespan of your ID, allow it to be clearly legible, and used for anything from badge reels, chains, clips, and lanyards. Were offering this clear vinyl badge holder at non-minimum order because we want to cater to everyone and not place restrictions on our customers. We are offering these at no minimum order and will also ship for free on orders over $50.

If you have any more questions or care to look further into other options we have, we are always happy to help you find exactly what you're looking for. You can call us at 1-800-380-6726, or leave us a message below, and well make it our first priority to get back to you as soon as possible.

We made a video of Patrick using this product so you could see it in action. Check it out in our youtube video below!

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